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Complete List of Buildings and Spaces

Below is a complete list of buildings and spaces chronicled on the UIHistories site.

Champaign and Urbana Institute Building / Old Main University Building1860
Farm House / Mumford House1870
Mechanic and Military Hall1871
New University Building1871
Architecture Library / Ricker Library1873
Morrow Plots1876
Chemical Laboratory / Harker Hall1878
Botany Greenhouse1878
Illinois Field / South Illinois Field and Radio Transmission Laboratory1884
Halfway House / University Stop1885
Kenny Gym and Kenny Gym Annex / Drill Hall1890
South Farms Implement Shed1890
South Farms Animal Husbandry House1890
Nathan Clifford Ricker House1892
Natural History Building1892
Engineering Hall1894
Metal Shop / Aeronautical Lab "B" / Machinery Hall / Machine Tool Laboratory1895
General Horse Barn1895
President's House1896
Library Building / Altgeld Hall1897
Old Power Plant / Central Heat and Power Plant / New Power Plant1897
Grounds Department Greenhouse / North Greenhouse / President's Greenhouse1898
Electrical Engineering Building / Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Building / Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory and Annex1898
Old Power Plant / High Voltage Laboratory and Electrical Engineering Laboratory1898
The Farms / Robert Allerton Park1899
Green Street1900
Agriculture Building / Old Agriculture Building / Davenport Hall1901
Chemistry Building / Noyes Laboratory and Chemistry Annex1901
Mechanical Engineering Shop Laboratory / Wood Shop and Foundry Laboratory1901
Pumping Station1901
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Building1902
Swine Sheds1903
Woman's Building / Bevier Hall / English Building1905
Horticulture Service Building / Civil Engineering Surveying / Surveying Building1905
Forest Science Laboratory1905
Old Mechanical Engineering Building / Mechanical Engineering Laboratory1905
Main Quadrangle / Quad1905
Colonel Wolfe School1905
Agronomy Building / Art-East Annex Studio 21905
Old Entomology / Insectary1905
Agronomy Field Laboratory1905
Beef Cattle Barn1905
Round Barns / Dairy Farm Historic District1907
Illini Hall1907
Farm Mechanics Building / Agricultural Engineering Building / Art-East Annex Studio 11907
Auditorium / Foellinger Auditorium1907
Laboratory of Physics / Mining and Metallurgy1908
Horticultural Greenhouses1908
Floriculture Service Building / Emergency Hospital / Isolation Hospital / Art & Design / Theatre Guild Studio1908
Osborne Hall / Osborn Hall1909
Lincoln Hall1909
New Power Plant / Power House1910
Commerce Building / Administration Building / David Dodds Henry Administration Building1911
Work Horse Barn1911
Animal Husbandry Barns1911
Feed Barn1911
University Tenant Houses1911
Transportation Building1912
New Armory1912
Agronomy Greenhouse1912
Poultry Plant1912
Locomotive Testing Laboratory and Reservoir1912
Bradley Arcade / Union Arcade / Arcade Building1912
Sheep Barn and Shed1912
Brood Mare Barn1912
Tool Shed1912
Stallion Barn1912
Nuclear Engineering Laboratory1913
Stock Judging Pavilion1913
Locomotive Testing Laboratory / Aeronautical Laboratory1913
Ceramic Engineering Kiln House and Mining Engineering Laboratory1913
Horticulture Greenhouse Group / Floriculture Greenhouse Group / Vegetable and Plant Breeding Greenhouse Group1913
Floriculture, Plant Breeding, and Vegetable Gardening / Vegetable Crops Group1913
Horticulture Service and Greenhouse / New Agronomy Seedhouse1914
Gregory Memorial Building / Gregory Hall1914
John Milton Gregory's Grave1914
Botany Annex and Greenhouse1914
Old Agronomy Seed House1914
Faculty Tennis Courts1914
Clay Tennis Courts1914
South Tennis Courts1914
Ceramic Engineering Building1915
Illini Grove1915
Battery F Barn1915
Busey-Evans Women's Dormitory / Woman's Residence Hall - West Residence Hall1916
Vivarium / Experimental Zoology Laboratory1916
Rock Garden, Flower Gardens, and Lily Pond1916
Soil Bins1916
Agronomy Barn1916
Tina Weedon Smith Memorial Building / Smith Hall1917
Cattle Feeding Plant1917
Education Building / University High School and University High School Gymnasium1919
Artillery Barns1919
Television Building1920
Police Training Institute1920
Armory Annex / Band Building / Harding Band Building1921
Horticulture Field Laboratory1921
New Agriculture Building / Mumford Hall1922
Memorial Stadium1922
Davenport House1922
Main Library1923
North Garage and Shop1923
Men's New Gymnasium / Huff Hall1924
Warm Air Research Residence1924
Dairy Manufactures Building1925
Commerce Building / David Kinley Hall1925
Residence Hall Annex1925
McKinley Memorial University Hospital / McKinley Health Center1926
Building for Architecture and Kindred Subjects / Architecture Building1926
Materials Testing Laboratory / Arthur Newell Talbot Laboratory1928
Animal Pathology1928
Alma Mater1929
Fireman's Training Tower1930
Burrill Avenue1930
Bureau of Educational Research / Bureau of Institutional Research1930
Filtration Plant1930
Geological Survey Lab / Nuclear Radiation Laboratory1931
Natural Resources Building and the New Mineral Research Labs of the ISGS1931
Women's Gymnasium / Freer Gym1931
Ice Skating Rink / Ice Arena1931
Physiological Psychology Laboratory / Physiology Research Laboratory1936
Betatron / Cyclotron1940
Fourth Street Residence Halls / Men's Residence Halls1940
Abbott Power Plant1941
Illini Union1941
Highway Materials Testing Laboratory1942
Highway Materials Research Laboratory1942
Fine Arts-Commerce Annex1943
Old Police Station1945
Willard Airport1945
Proano Stadium1946
Nuclear Physics Laboratory / Physics Research Laboratory1946
Women's Residence Halls / Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls1947
Mechanical Engineering Building1947
Bevier Hall1947
Sixth Street Cafeteria / Illini Union Coffee House1947
Illinois Street Parking Lot1948
Digital Computer Laboratory / DCL1949
Faculty Staff Houses1949
Electrical Engineering Building / Everitt1949
Animal Sciences1950
Veterinary Medicine Complex1950
Illini Village1950
Parade Ground Housing Units1950
Men's University Club and Women's University Club1950
Veterinary Pathology Laboratory1950
Water Resources Building / Computing Applications Building1951
Coordinated Science Laboratory / Engineering Sciences Building1951
Oregon Street Computing Lab1951
Civil Engineering Storage1951
East Chemistry Annex / Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Building / Roger Adams Laboratory1951
Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Building1952
Hill Annex1955
Law Building1956
Child Development Laboratory1957
Lincoln Avenue Residence Addition / Louisa Catherine Allen Hall 1957
Veterinary Medicine / National Soybean Research Center1958
Gregory Drive Residence Halls1958
Arbor Village Suites1958
University Press1958
Physics Building / Loomis Laboratory1958
Burrill Hall1959
Art and Architecture / Art and Design1959
Central Food Stores1959
Moorman Swine Research Farm and Lake Nalbandov1960
Illini Forest Plantations and Hawke Hall1960
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory1960
Orchard Downs1960
School of Music String Theory Annex / Music Annex1960
Stenographic Bureau1960
University of Illinois Employees Credit Union1960
Graduate Studio for Painting1960
University Civil Service System Building / Physical Plant Drafting Room1960
Volatile Storage Building1960
Snack Bar / Illini Orange1960
Burnsides Research Laboratory1961
Peabody Drive Residence Halls1961
Krannert Art Museum1961
Goodwin Green Married Student Housing1961
Entomology Building / Justin Smith Morrill Halll1961
Labor and Industrial Relations Building1962
Student Services Building / Turner Student Services1962
Central Receiving1962
Mental Health Clinic / Adler Mental Health Center / Water Survey Research Center1963
Assembly Hall1963
Physical Plant Service Building1963
Illinois Street Residence Halls / ISR1964
University Film Center1964
Education Building1964
Daniels Hall / Sherman Hall1964
Turner Hall / Crop Sciences1964
Commerce West / Wohler's Hall1964
Rehabilitation Services Center1964
Hendrick House1965
Materials Research Laboratory / Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory1965
Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory1965
Florida Avenue Residence Halls / FAR and Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls / PAR1966
Undergraduate Library1966
Nonacademic Personnel Services Building1967
Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory / Hydrosystems Laboratory / Civil Engineering Building Phase IIA1967
Small Homes Council1967
Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic & Hospital1967
Margaret H. and William E. Levis Faculty Center1968
Intramural Physical Education Building / IMPE1968
Nathan Newmark Civil Engineering Building1968
Foreign Language Building1968
Central Campus Parking Garages1968
Psychology Building1969
Coble Hall1969
Music Building1969
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts1969
Advanced Computation Building / ACB1969
Medical Sciences1974
String Annex / Practice Annex1975
Stiven House1975
Jane Addams Graduate School of Social Work1975
Personality Assessment and Group Analysis Laboratory1975
Center for Advanced Study1975
Alpha House1975
Bureau of Community Planning1975
Delta House1975
Educational Research Projects Building1975
French House1975
Gamma House1975
Honors Programs1975
State Regional Office Building1975
Speech and Hearing Clinic1975
Worthy Grove1978
Meat Science Laboratory1982
Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building1983
Lester H. Swanlund Administration Building1983
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology1986
Track and Soccer Stadium1988
Satellite Recreation Facility / Campus Recreation East1988
Plant and Animal Biotechnology Laboratory / Madigan Laboratory1988
Astronomy Building1989
International Studies1990
Institute of Government and Public Affairs / IGPA and Samuel K. Gove Plaza1990
Computer and Systems Research Laboratory1990
Temple Hoyne Buell Hall1992
Grainger Engineering Library Information Center1992
Illini Union Bookstore and Admin Office Building1993
Admissions and Records1996
Atkins Tennis Center1996
Campbell Hall for Public Telecommunication and Richmond Journalism Teaching Studio and Swanson Center1996
Japan House1998
Hallene Gateway Plaza1998
ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center2001
William R. and Clarice V. Spurlock Museum2002
National Center for Supercomputing Applications Building2003
Doris Kelly Christopher Hall2003
Institute of Genomic Biology / Post Genomics Institute2003
New South Farms / Beef/Sheep Unit2003
Civitas University Community Design Center2003
Bardeen Quad2004
J. Gerald Demirjian Indoor Golf Facility2004
North Parking Garage2004
Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science2004
Asian American Studies Building and Asian American Cultural Center2004
New Illini Media Company Building2004
Sarah McFarland Campanile and Carillons on Campus2004
New College of Business Building2005
Aquatic Research Field Laboratory / The PondsUNKNOWN
New Agronomy BuildingUNKNOWN
Lorado Taft HouseUNKNOWN
Eichelberger FieldUNKNOWN
Guy M. Beckwith Residence HallUNKNOWN
Richard T. Ubben Basketball ComplexUNKNOWN
South Research ParkUNKNOWN
Fire StationUNKNOWN
Veterinary Research LaboratoryUNKNOWN
Illinois Radio Reading Service BuildingUNKNOWN

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