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Special Features

Welcome to the UIHistories Special Features section! This page will be updated over time with special-interest histories, so check back periodically!

  • Altgeld Math Models Collection. Learn about one of the world's greatest mathematical model collections from the early 20th century, on display in Altgeld Hall. It is the largest collection on display and second perhaps only to the Smithsonian. Browse through more than 2,500 photographs of the collection!
  • Lincoln Hall. See the original dedication proceedings for Lincoln Hall, read about the symbolism of its World War I memorial courtyard, and see an 1896 address given by the University's President about the life of Lincoln.
  • The Stadium Campaign. Learn the history of how Memorial Stadium came to be, see the original dedication invitation and booklet, or take a look at how the stadium could have looked!
  • Sarah McFarland Campanile and Carillons. Read about the history of bringing a campanile to campus.
  • History of UIS. Read a history published in 1995 by the Director of Physical Planning and Operations detailing the founding and evolution of the University of Illinois at Springfield (formerly Sangamon State University).
  • Founding of UIC. Read a history published in 1921 about the founding years of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The UIC Historian also has a site with additional information.

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