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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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U N I V E R S I T Y OF I L L I N O I S .

tion. When service is terminated by the Board, notice will be given, however, at the earliest time practicable, and in case a member of the corps in^ tends to leave the service of the University it is but fair that the President of the University should be advised at least as soon as such purpose has been determined upon. In case a resignation is presented to take effect at some future time, the Board will exercise its right to terminate the service at that time, or at some earlier date, as may seem just to all the interests involved. In case a member of the Corps of Instruction enters upon regular employment elsewhere before the termination of service here, that fact will work a termination of service and a cessation of salary here. And for any failure to comply with all of the conditions of loyal and interested service, which are an honorable obligation upon all members of the Corps of Instruction, the Board of Trustees will feel free to withhold salary so far as the interestsof the University and justice to others may seem to demand. T h e C o m m i t t e e on F i n a n c e offered t h e following resolution w i t h r e g a r d to telephone's: Besolved, That the Committee on Finance determine upon the ornamental design for poles for the new telephone system to be erected on the campus, and that the ten telephones contracted for be located as follows, viz.: Military Hall, Mechanical Shops, Engineering Hall, President's House, Chemical Laboratory, Natural History Hall, President's office, the barns, office of Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, the central heating station; and that the old telephones be removed when the new system is in working order, and that the Business Agent settle the bills at the agreed-upon price, provided the service is satisfactory. T h e resolution was adopted. O n m o t i o n of Mr. M c L e a n , t h e following a p p r o p r i a t i o n s m a d e , as asked for by t h e B u s i n e s s A g e n t .

S u n d r y balances—Paper A— Agricultural d e p a r t m e n t A d v e r t i s i n g and catalogue.. Senator Morrill's b u s t University magazine



Oratorical contest

$2,017 60 1,959 69 30 00 800 00 500 00 100 00 $500 00 25,730 00 3,150 00 1,000 00] 3,000 00 1,000 00 600 00 100 00 500 00 50 00 400 00 500 001 300 00 125 03 22 50 100 00

;,407 29

Board expenses Salaries for instruction and P r e s i d e n t Salaries for services Buildings and grounds F u e l and lights Stationery, p r i n t i n g and postage Mechanical, architectural, and horticultural d e p a r t m e n t s . Military d e p a r t m e n t Laboratories Library and a p p a r a t u s Incidentals H e a t i n g apparatus F u r n i t u r e and fixtures W a t e r supply Military scholarship Gymnasium Total

37,077 50 $42,484 79

T h e state a p p r o p r i a t i o n of $3,000.00 was assigned for t h e use of t h e library.