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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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afford information to the Board of Direction of the Experiment Station touching* the action of the Board of Trustees and the condition of the funds in which the Board of Direction and the Station may be interested. The payroll of said employes shall be made and certified by the Director of the Station to the Business Manager at such times as that officer may request. 8. The employes of the State Laboratory of Natural History shall be appointed by the Director of the Laboratory, but not until such appointments shall have been authorized by the Board of Trustees, and the payroll of said employes shall be made out and certified by the Director and delivered by him to the Business Manager at such times as that officer may request. 9. Purchases to an amount exceeding $100.00 shall be let by contract, after competition, unless the character of the material or articles renders competition unpracticable. Contracts shall be let by the Board or a committee appointed by the Board, and shall be signed for the University by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Trustees, unless other persons or committees are authorized by the Board to perform that service. 10. Contracts shall be filed with the Business Manager by the officers of the Board authorized to enter into the contracts, and payment in full or in part shall be made on contracts only on the certificate of some person authorized by the Board to make a certificate that the contract or a part thereof ha& been acceptably fulfilled, and that under the terms of the contract a certain stated amount is due and payable. 11. The Business Manager shall act as the auditor of the Board, and all bills shall be presented to him for audit, but no bills relating to labor upon buildings and grounds shall be audited and paid unless approved by the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and all other bills must have the approval of the President of the University unless they are for continuing salaries, contracts, or other running accounts specially authorized by the Board; and in all cases payment of any bill or account shall be suspended on the request of the President of the University pending the action of the Board of Trustees. 12. Bills for purchases, when rendered, must be accompanied by the order hereinbefore provided for, and if for materials or articles delivered then also by the receipt of the officer, member of the instructional force, or employe who received them, that the same were received by him in good condition, and that they were of the quality, kind, and price prescribed. 13. When any account against the University is found to be just and due, created by the authority of the Board, and one that an appropriation has been made to pay, and is presented in accordance with the requirements of the Board, and has been approved by the proper officer, the Business Manager shall approve and audit the same, stamp his approval upon the face of the bill, issue a warrant against the Treasurer for the amount thereof, and send said AVarrant to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for signature. The Chairman shall sign the same, if he thinks proper, and in that event he shall forthwith forward it to the Secretary. In case he declines to sign the same he shall return it to the Business Manager with his reasons for such declination. The Secretary shall, as soon as he receives a warrant, make a proper record thereof in his books, sign the same, and deliver it to the Business Manager, who shall enter the same in his warrant book, giving its number, for what issued, to whom payable, and the appropriation from which it is to be paid. Separate warrant books shall be kept for the University, the Agricultural Experiment Station, and the State Laboratory of Natural History. The Business Manager shall deliver the signed warrants which he receives to the payee therein named in exchange for such receipts or evidences of discharge as may be required to meet the needs of the University accounts. When a bill or claim is for less than $50.00 the Business Manager may, at his discretion, pay the same in cash, if, in his opinion, the business of the University will be better expedited thereby. Before such payment the Secre-

—15 U. I.