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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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the Business Manager shall request, the department receiving such money shall report to the Business Manager, upon a proper blank to be prepared for the purpose, a transcript of his memorandum book, and account and pay over the moneys so received, and the Business Manager shall keep said reports on file in his office and enter the funds so received in his books.


1. No expenditures shall be made except on the authority of the Board, and after an appropriation of money therefor, as evidenced by its records. In an emergency requiring immediate action the President and Business. Manager may, by concurrent action, incur an expense not greater than $250, and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees may, of course, act in any matter at any time. 2. All appropriations shall lapse at the end of the fiscal year unless otherwise specially ordered. By a vote^of the Board an appropriation may be made to lapse at any time. 3. Articles or materials for the University shall be purchased by persons or committees designated by order of the Board. When none are designated the Business Manager shall act as purchasing agent. 4. The Business Manager shall issue an order for purchase to persons authorized by the Board to make purchases, but shall not do so unless the records of the Board show that the purchase has been authorized and that the money for payment therefor has been appropriated. The order shall clearly set forth the articles or materials ordered, and shall state the fund from whicn the account is to be paid. The order of tne Business Manager shall accompany all bills of account for purchases, (or said bills shall refer to said orders,) on presentation of such bills for audit and payment. But no order for the purchase of furniture, apparatus, or equipment, unless specifically ordered by the Board of Trustees, shall be made unless the advisability of such purchase is approved by the President of the University, nor unless the price which it is proposed to pay is approved by the Business Manager. 5. The persons composing the force of administrative officers, and the clerks or other employes of the departments, and the Corps of Instruction, shall be employed and salaries fixed by the Board. The monthly payroll of such persons shall be approved by the President of the University, but he shall not approve the pay of any person who has not rendered prescribed service during the month, unless such service has been previously formally excused by the Board or by the President of the University, under the rules for the government of the instructional force. The Business Manager shall prepare the payroll for the approval of the President each month, setting forth for each person the amount of salary for the month, as fixed by the Board. 6. All help employed, exclusive of the persons referred to in the preceding rule, shall be employed by the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, with the approval of the President of the University, provided that before doing so the Superintendent shall secure the certificate of the Business Manager that the employment has been authorized and the money therefor appropriated by the Board. At the time of the employment of each person by him he shall determine the price to be paid, except in cases where the same has been determined by the Board, and he shall keep a record in a suitable book, to be provided for the purpose, of the name of the person so employed, the time when employed, the length of service, and the amount to be paid, and he shall report the same to the Business Manager whenever requested; and he shall prepare and deliver to the Business Manager the payrolls covering such help at the termination of the employment or at such other time as he may be requested so to do. 7i The employes of the Agricultural Experiment Station shall be appointed by the Board of Direction of the Station, or by the Director of said Station when authorized by said Board, but no appointment shall be made unless the same* shall have been authorized by the Board of Trustees. The Business Manager and the Secretary of the Board of Trustees shall, upon application,