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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 619]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Plumbing work, cont'd Intramural-Physical Education Building, front entrance renovation, 214 Sixth Street steam tunnel, 472 Taft/Van Doren Residence Halls, common area improvements, 218 Chicago campus, Associated Health Professions Building, 280 ClinicarSciences Building, 148 remodeling, 112 remodeling laboratories, 211, 282 recision of board action, 282 Edelstone, Sigmund E., Medical Student Center, 89 Hospital, University, surgicenter, 564 parking structure no. 1, remodel ground P floor, 62 * Science and Engineering South, 90 Urbana, Adams, Roger, Laboratory, remodeling, 250 Bioacoustics Research Laboratory, 93 bookstore and office building, 147 increase, 401 Buejl, Temple Hoyne, Hall, 144 Engineering Quadrangle, utility systems and steam tunnel relocation, 2/5 Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Building, 92 Grainger Engineering Library Information 7 Center, §44 * Illini Union, patio enclosure, 319 warehouse, 252 Materials Research Facilities, renovation, 567 Materials Science and Engineering Instructional Laboratories, 253 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 11 A, remodeling, 399 Natural History Building, 242 painting facility, 424 Public Safety Building, 251 cost-plus contract, minor building alterations, repairs, and new construction, Chicago campus, 278 Urbana, 243, 566 Plumpp, S. D., undergraduate instructional award, Silver Circle, 234 Plymouth Partners, L.P., lease agreement, 325 Police Training Institute, Tactical Training Center, contract, firing range improvements, electrical work, 175 general work, 175 mechanical work, 175 Policy, administrative salaries, reassignment and change of duties, policy affirmed by Board of Trustees, 309 report, 259 admission requirements, Chicago campus, transfer students, revised, 533 Bylaws, Board of Trustees, amendments, 385 discrimination, University's response to complaints, 393 early retirement agreements, president of University, authorized to negotiate, 258 Family and Medical Leave, approved, 347 General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure, amendments, 83, 203, 270, 345, 391 grading system, Urbana campus, modification, harassment, University's response to complaints, housing undergraduate requirement, meeting regarding 30-hour rule, 365 investments, endowment pool, revision, 16 investments in South Africa, amendment, 386 report on possible changes, 367 public testimony to Board of Trustees, 299, 464 trustee remarks, 464 reemployment agreements, president authorized to negotiate with retirees, 283 refund for student tuition, fees, room, and board, 234 residency status of students, revision of regulations, 307


Policy, cont'd salaries for administrators who also hold faculty appointments, discussion, 185 senate, Urbana, bylaws, changes, 14, 309 constitution, amendments, 14 staff", nonacademic, revision of Policy and Rules— Nonacademic, 15, 498 Statutes, University, amendments, 81, 201, 309, 520 undergraduate students, housing regulations, review of, 262 Policy and Rules—Nonacademic, revision, 15, 347, 498 Policy Economics, Program in (Urbana), fees, increase, 490 tuition, increase, 490 Polish (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of, discontinued, 268 Political Science, Department of (Chicago campus), chair, appointment, 49 Political Science, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 9 Master of Arts in Public Administration, discontinued, 390 Pollack, S. M., member of advisory board, 303 Pol ley, J. W., appointment, 516 Ponce, J., member of Center for Advanced Study, Popescu, N., appointment, 372 Popielarz, P. A., appointment, 79 Portnoy, S., member of Center for Advanced Study, Portugal, L. G., appointment, 343 Portuguese (Urbana), minor, established, 34 Potter, P. M., appointment, 109 Potter Electric Service, Inc., contract, 147, 275 increase, 401 Potts, M.,]., appointment, 343 Powers, D., member of Institute for the Humanities, 190 Presentation, to the Academic Affairs Committee, Thomas, H., graduate business education, 413 Uselding, P. J., graduate business education, to the board, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, not aproved, 39 Valle, M., concerning minorities, 160 Johnson, R. M., concerning operations and activities of Senate (Chicago campus), 43 Liay, L., activities of Alumni Association, 549 Miller, I. F., concerning activities of University Senates Conference, 463 Palmer, A. J., concerning minorities, 160 Rodriguez, A., concerning Native American students and staff, 508 Ruoff, G. W., concerning operations and activities of Senate (Chicago campus), 384 Watts, E. S., concerning operations and activities of Urbana-Champaign Senate Council, 77, 367 to the Committee on Student Affairs, Huff, J., concerning student priorities, 481 Riley, P., concerning student needs at Chicago campus, 461 to the Committee of the Whole, activities of University Foundation, 75 to the Hospital Committee, Haussmann, R. K. D., transfer of programs from Illinois Department o Mental Health, 414 President of board, change in designation to chair, amendment to Bylaws, 385 election, 129 discussion, 129 signature delegation, 166 See also Chair of board President of University, authority to approve contract change orders in connection with Grainger Engineering Library Information Center,


authority to enter into reemployment agreements with retirees, 283 authority to negotiate early retirement agreements with faculty and staff, 258