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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 618]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Pharmaceutics and Pharmacodynamics, Department of (Chicago campus), designated, 140 Pharmacodynamics, Department of (Chicago campus), consolidation with Department of Pharmaceutics, 140 head, relief of title and duties, 70 Pharmacodynamics Research Facility (Chicago campus), supplemental funding, 324 Pharmacy, College of (Chicago campus), consolidation of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacodynamics Departments, 140 Continuing Curriculum Option program, expansion, 196 tuition, increase, 196 contract, escalators renovation, 283 increase, 427 remodeling, 428 degrees, conferred, 289, 290, 291, 574, 576, 577 Doctor of Pharmacy program, expansion and enhancement, 196 tuition, increase, 196 new center, established, 267 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 378 Subordinate Affiliation Agreement with Humana Hospital Illinois, inc., amended, 118 Pharmacy, College of, Building (Chicago campus), energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 323 Pharmacodynamics Research Facility, supplemental funding, 324 Phillips, M. A., member of advisory committee, 7 Phillips, M. K., appointment, 489 Phillips, P. W., appointment, 372 Philosophy (Urbana), minor, established, 254 Physical facility services, contracts, Medicine, College of (Peoria), 239, 499 Physical medicine (Chicago campus), remodeling project, waiver of University purchasing rules, Physical science (Urbana), Master of Science degree, eliminated, 172 Physical therapy services, contracts, 315, 559 Physics, Department of (Chicago campus), head, appointment, 136 remodeling, 91 Piatt County, property known as Allerton, Piatt South # 1 , acquisition by University, 286 Pine, S. M., member of advisory board., 303 PIPCO Companies, Ltd., contract, 21, 92, 568 increase, 358 Piping work, contract, Champaign, Gerty Drive P P 6 7 tfuilding, 241 Chicago campus, Clinical Sciences Building, remodeling, 112 remodeling laboratories, 211 Edelstone, Sigmund E., Medical Student Center, 89 Hospital, University, surgicenter, 564 parking structure no. 1, remodel ground K floor, 62 Student Residence and Commons, increase, 245 Urbana, Buell, Temple Hoyne, Hall, 144 Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Building, 92 Gregory Hall, remodeling classrooms, 471 Materials Research Facilities, renovation, 567 Materials Science and Engineering Instructional Laboratories, 253 cost-plus contract, Urbana, 244, 566 Pirkle, J. C.Mr., appointment, 446 Pittman, I. G., appointment, 467 Planned Lighting, Inc., and Imperial Lighting Maintenance Company, contract, 279, 563 Plant Biology, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 388 Plant Pathology, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 7, 301 Plastering work, cost-plus contract, Urbana, 244, 566 Plumbing work, contract, Champaign, Biaxial Shock Test Machine Building, office addition, 530 Gerty Drive Building, 241

Parking facility, cont'd piping work, 62 plumbing work, 62 refrigeration work, 62 temperature control work, 62 ventilation work, 62 Paulina Street parking structure, increase, 353 masonry repair, 564 contracts, Chicago campus, Paulina Street parking structure, increases, 63 project budget, Chicago campus, Paulina Street parking structure, increase, 63 Parkland College, (Champaign), lease agreement, buildings and land at Chanute Air Force Base, 67 * Paschen, F. H., Inc., contract, 249, 319, 398 Passenger facility charge, Airport, University of Illinois-Willard, application for authority to impose and use, 110 Pathology, Department of (Chicago campus), remodeling of laboratories, 210, 282 recision of board action, 282 Patient accounts, Hospital, University, contracts with collection agencies, 560 Patient Accounts Department (Chicago campus), contract for computer-assisted telecol lections system, 274, 561 Patio (Illini Union), See Illini Union (Urbana) Paulina Street Parking Structure (Chicago campus), contract, replacement of masonry and site items, architectural services, 449 engineering services, 449 Paulus, I. L., undergraduate instructional award, Pavilion (Chicago campus), contract, expansion, Payco General American Credits, Inc., contract, 560 Peabody Drive Residence Halls (Champaign), contract, emergency generators, architectural services, 354 engineering services, 354 installation, 472 Peck/Jones Construction Corporation, contract, increase, 64 Penaloza, L. N., appointment, 467 Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (Urbana), contract, masonry repairs and restoration, 217 Performing Arts, Department of (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Arts in Music, transferred, 139 Bachelor of Arts in Theater, transferred, 139 chair, appointment, 78 dance option, transferred, 140 degree, Master of Arts in Communication and Theater, divided and transferred, 140 minor in music, transferred, 139 theater component, transferred, 139 Perkins, K. A., member of Center for Advanced Study, 417 Perkins & Will Group, Inc., contract, 113 Perlman, A. L., appointment, 344 Perry, M., appointment, 80 Pershing, R. L., appointment, 372 Personnel, central administration, responsibility assigned to associate vice president for administration and human resources, 162 Urbana campus, responsibility assigned to associate vice president for administration and human resources, 162 Personnel Services Building (Chicago campus), energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 374 recision of board action, 373 Petersen, G. G., member of advisory board, 48 Peterson, P. E., member of advisory committee, 300 Petry-Kuhne Co., contract, 253, 531 Pfennig, D. W., appointment, 372 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Center for (Chicago campus), established, 267 Pharmaceutics, Department of (Chicago campus), consolidation with Department of Pharmacodynamics, 140