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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 617]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Mutual Benefit Life, participant in tax-deferred retirement plan, discontinued, 237 Myles, T. D., appointment, 11 Najm, F. N., appointment, 80 Nardulli, A. W., appointment, 80 Nardulli, P. F., appointment, 9 undergraduate instructional award, 194 Narita, H O., appointment, 51 National Center for Composite Materials Research (Urbana), discontinued, 518 National Soybean Research Laboratory (Urbana), remodeling of facilities, 91 Native Americans, recruitment and retention as students and staff, report to the board, 508 Natural gas, University's purchase from one supplier, report, 482 Natural History, Field Museum of (Chicago), See Field Museum of Natural History Natural History Building (Urbana), contract, electrical work, 243 general work, 242 heating work, 242 plumbing work, 242 remodeling, architectural services, 114 engineering services, 114 ventilation work, 242 Nehring, W. M., appointment, 79 Neil Street (Champaign), property at 1817 South, lease of space, 284 Nelson, M., member of Center for Advanced Study, 190 Nelson, P. T., member of advisory committee, 300 Nelson Insulation Co., contract, 278 cost-plus contract, 19 Neubauer, S. W., appointment, 343 Neurophysiologicaf Learning, Inc., contract, 238 Neuropsychiatric Institute North Tower (Chicago campus), contract, renovation, architectural services, 178 engineering services, 178 Newby, G. B., appointment, 264 Newman, L. S., appointment, 419 Neylan, V. D., appointment, 193 Niederberger, C. S., appointment, 343 Nienhaus, G. U., appointment, 109 member of Center for Advanced Study, 485 Nikolaev, I. G., appointment, 371 Noffke, S. E., appointment, 371 Nogle 8c Black Mechanical, Inc., construction and lease, hangar facilities, Airport, University, 222 contract, 92, 93, , 147, 216, 218, 242, 250, 253, 275, 531, 567 increase, 358, 401 Nonacademic Personnel Committee, members, 168 Nonsalaried faculty, See Clinical faculty, nonsalaried; Staff, nonsalaried clinical Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, participant in tax-deferred retirement plan, discontinued, 237 Noyes Laboratory (Urbana), contract, remodeling, architectural services, 322 engineering services, 322 Nugent, B. A., presentation to the board concerning University Foundation, 75, 414 Nunez litigation, report, 296 settlement, 358 Nunez-Cedeno, R. A., appointment, 8 Nunn, D. N., appointment, 138 Nursing, College of (Chicago campus), Critical Care specialization, established, 254 degree, Bachelor of Science, revised, 532 degrees, conferred, 289, 290, 291, 574, 575, 577 joint master's program with School of Public Health, established, 476 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 378 Nutrition and Medical Dietetics, Department of (Chicago campus), degrees, redesignated, 495 redesignated, 495 Nutritional Sciences, Division of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 7, 301


Nuveen, John, & Co., Incorporated, financial advisor in connection with Series 1993 revenue bond issue, 237 O&N Engineering-Development, P.C., contract, 323, 374 Oak Brook Mechanical Services, Inc., contract, 89 Oberdeck, K. J., appointment, 344 Obstetrics/Gynecology, Department of (Chicago campus), remodeling work, 524 Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of (Rockford), chair, appointment, 8 Occupational therapy services, contracts, 315, 559 increase, 422 Odegaard, B. A., appointment, 171 O'Donnell, Wicklund, Pigozzi & Peterson, contract, 149, 451,526 O'Keefe, B.J I., undergraduate instructional award, 8 194 Okrent Associates, Inc., contract, 523 Olmen, R. I., Company, contract, 89, 112, 148, 211,321 Olson, A., member of advisory committee, 7 Olson, D. S., member of Center for Advanced Study, 485 Olson, S. T., appointment, 489 O'Neil, H. K., appointment, 51 Operations Improvement Program, Hospital, University, 5,38, 76, 104 contract, consulting services, 174 report, 260 Ophthalmology, Department of (Chicago campus), establishment of quasi-endowment from Carson K. Gabriel Trust, 58 establishment of quasi-endowment from Harry J. Willwerth.Jr., Estate, 58 Oppong, N. K., appointment, 79 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of (Chicago campus), head, appointment, 341 Orchard Downs Apartments (Urbana), contract, roof replacements, 240 roofing work, 22 Organ transplantation processing, contract, 315, 558 Orthodontics (Chicago campus), advanced certificate in, revised, 475 Orthodontics, Department of (Chicago campus), head, appointment, 514 Orthopaedic surgery (Chicago campus), Master of Science degree, discontinued, 518 Ortiz, V. M., appointment, 467 Osborne, M., appointment, 467 Ousterhout, R., member of Center for Advanced Study, 139 Owens, C. A., appointment, 51 PJM Contractors, Inc., contract, 351 Painting facility (Urbana), contract, air conditioning work, 424 building shell, 424 electrical work, 424 general work, 424 heating work, 424 plumbing work, 424 refrigeration work, 424 temperature control work, 424 ventilation work, 424 Palmer, A., attendance at hearing regarding treatment of Latino students (Urbana) during demonstrations, 98 presentation to board concerning minorities, 160 Pan, Z., treatment by Illinois Masonic Medical Center, authorization for settlement, 285 Panyko, S., member of advisory board, 48 Parca, M. G , member of Center for Advanced Study, 190 Parker, M. B., appointment, 171 Parking facility, contract, Chicago campus, parking structure D-l, general work, increase, 64 parking structure no. 1, remodel ground floor, air conditioning work, 62 electrical work, 62 general work, 61 heating work, 62