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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 612]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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TRUSTEES Kelleher, W. F., member of Center for Advanced Study, 485 Kelleher, W. F., Jr., appointment, 80 Kellogg, J., member of advisory committee, 7 Kelly, M. C , appointment, 516 Kelly, William H., Company, contract, 240, 281 Kibbee, D. A., appointment, 515 Kieber, J. J., appointment, 419 Kiln House (Urbana), remodeling, 62 Kim, D. K., appointment, 232 Kinesiology (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Science degree, dance option, transferred, 140 Kinesiology (Urbana), curriculum, revised, 34 Kinesiology, College of (Chicago campus), degree, Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology, established, 200 degrees, conferred, 289, 290, 291, 574, 575, 576 establishment of quasi-endowment from Helen M. Barton Estate, 207 merged with College of Associated Health Professions, 266 redesignated School of Kinesiology, 266 Kinesiology, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 553 Kingman, E., member of advisory committee, 7 Kleinmuntz, D. N., member of Center for Advanced Study, 417 Klint, R., member of advisory board, 487 Klippstatter, K., appointment, 390 Klotz, A., appointment, 370 Koenker, R., member of Center for Advanced Study, 138 Kong, S. X., appointment, 51 Konsis, K. R., member of advisory committee, 301 Koons, D., member of advisory committee, 7 Krannert Art Museum, contract, HVAC improvements, 451 Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Urbana), referendum for reduced ticket prices for students, 105 student fee, implementation, 194 referendum, 194 Krebs, E. G., honorary degree, 445 Kruesi, M. J. P., appointment, 232 Kuhlman, G. C , member of advisory board, 48 Kumar, J., appointment, 108 Kushad, M. M., appointment, 232 Kustra, R., report concerning organization of higher education in Illinois, 165 La Casa Cultural Latina (Urbana), plans to improve programming, 4 use of Illini Union resources, 5 Labor and Industrial Relations, Institute of (Urbana), director, appointment, 514 Lachman,J., member of advisory board, 303 Lacy, M. G., appointment, 80 Ladien, Kimball, case, report, 98 Lamont, T. R., Illinois State Board of Higher Education representative, 167 State Universities Retirement System representative, 167, 444 Land, Champaign, Daniel Street, property at 306 East, acquisition, 127, 151 property at 402 East, acquisition, 127, 151 property exchange with Baptist Student Foundation, 127, 151 property at 50 Gerty Drive, acquisition by University, 26 St. Mary's Road, acquisition and easement, 24 Chicago, B 8c O Railroad property purchased by University, 453 Halsted Street, property at 1404-1409 South, recision of board action, 431 purchased from Chicago and North Western Transportation Company, 453 Roosevelt Road, property at 1901-1953 West, transferred to State, 433 south of Roosevelt Road, acquisition by University, report, 334 agreements with City of Chicago, 529

Intramural-Physical Education Building, cont'd ventilation work, 214 new flooring installation, 180 Investment management services, endowment pool, foreign equities, 16 Investments, endowment funds, policy, revision, 16 report, 122, 181, 255, 359, 405, 476, 573 South Africa, University's policy, amendment, 386 report on possible changes, 367 Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan, 236 University's growth, report, 462, 545 Ireland, C. J., appointment, 343 Isaksen, Matzdorff& Associates, Inc., contract, 242 amendment, 116 Isaksen-Glerum. PC, Architects, contract, 451 Ischar, D., member of Institute for the Humanities, 486 Isherwood, P. W., appointment, 305 Italian (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of, eliminated, 141 Ivanov, S. V., appointment, 371 J. N. Engineering Co., Inc., contract, recision of board action, 373 Jackson Boulevard (Chicago), property at 850 West, lease, 528 Jackson Building (Chicago), property at 850 West, lease of space, 65 recision of board action, 150, lacobi, A. M., appointment, 52 "tacobsen, C. G., member of advisory committee, 7 300 lacobsen, T. A., appointment, 370 Jacobson, H., member of Center for Advanced Study, 138 Jaffe, J. A., appointment, 389 Janitorial services, contract, Chicago campus, Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities, 280, 562 Jegadeesh, N., appointment, 344 Jewish culture and society (Urbana), minor, established, 435 Jewish studies (Chicago campus), minor, established, 151 in, J., appointment, 371 ohn, R. R., appointment, 51 ohn Victor Frega Associates, Ltd., contract, 220, 500, 524 recision of board action, 324 ohnson, J. A., appointment, 343, 370 ohnson, R. M., report concerning Chicago Senate, Johnson, R. W., appointment, 232 Johnson, Johnson & Roy, Inc., contract, 432, 570 Johnson & Lee, Ltd., contract, 284 Johnson-Stirewalt, contract, 218 Jonas, J., appointment, 304 Jones, "J. A., undergraduate instructional award,



oseph Construction Co., contract, 449, 564 ovanovic, J. D., appointment, 371 udaic Studies (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Arts degree, discontinued, 2o8 Jurenka, F., member of advisory board, 303 Justice, R. W., leave of absence, 517 KPMG Peat Marwick, contract, 110 Kachru, B. B., member of Center for Advanced Study, 191 Kafka, C. C , undergraduate instructional award, Silver Circle, 233 Kagan, A., appointment, 80 Kagle, J. D., appointment, 135 Kanne, J . E., appointment, 343 Kahrs, K.. A., multi-year contract, 10 Kaiser, K. A., member of advisory committee, 7 Kamberelis, G. A., appointment, 371 Kamm, K. L., appointment, 419 Kassner, R.J., undergraduate instructional award, Silver Circle, 234 Katz, F. R., member of advisory committee, 7 Kazeminy, M., doctoral degree revoked, 476 Keiser, C., member of advisory committee, 300, 301