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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 604]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Edgewater Rehabilitation Associates, Inc., contract, 316, 559 Education, College of (Chicago campus), degrees, conferred, 288, 289, 29(1, 574, 575, 576 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 376 Education, College of (Urbana), degrees, conferred, 71, 153, 292, 360, 406, 455, 578 Education requirements, baccalaureate programs (Urbana), revision, report, 329 Educational Organization and Leadership, Department or(Urbana), designation, 420 Educational services, contracts, Medicine, College of (Urbana), 448 Edwards, C. H., member of advisory committee, 301 Ehrlich, M. C , appointment, 80 Electrical work, contract, Champaign, Biaxial Shock Test Machine Building, office addition, 530 Gerty Drive Building, 241 Intramural-Physical Education Building, front entrance renovation, 214 Police Training Institute, Tactical Training Center, firing range improvements, 17o residence halls, emergency generators installation, 472 Sixth Street steam tunnel, 473 Taft/Van Doren Residence Halls, common area improvements, 219 Chicago campus, Associated Health Professions Building, 280 Clinical Sciences Building, 176 remodeling, 112 remodeling laboratories, 211 Edelstone, Sigmund E., Medical Student Center, 90 Engineering Research Facility, deionized water system, 351 Hospital, University, surgicenter, 564 parking structure no. 1, remodel ground H floor, 62 * Roosevelt Road Building, remodeling second floor, 111 uninterruptible power system installation, increase, 42/ Science and Engineering South, 91 Springfield, Cooperative Extension Service offices, 20 Urbana, Adams, Roger, Laboratory, remodeling 250 Allen Residence Halls, egress paths, 218 electrical system upgrade, 2l6 Bioacoustics Research Laboratory, 93 bookstore and office building, 147 increase, 401 Buell, Temple Hoyne, Hall, 144 Daniels Residence Hall, egress paths, 218 Engineering Quadrangle, utility systems and steam tunnel relocation, 216, 275 Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Building, 92 Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, 145 Gregory Hall, remodeling classrooms, 471 Harter Hall, increase, 96 housing warehouse, fire alarm systems upgrade, 276 Illini Union, patio enclosure, 320 warehouse, 252 Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls, dining rooms air conditioning, 216 egress paths upgrading, 425 electrical system upgrade, 216 Materials Research Facilities, renovation, 568 Materials Science and Engineering Instructional Laboratories, 253 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IIA, remodeling, 399 Natural History Building, 243 painting facility, 424 Public Safety Building, 251 residence halls, emergency generators installation, 472

Dentistry, cont'd remodeling for Craniofacial Center, waiver of University purchasing rules, 400 Subordinate Affiliation Agreement with Humana Hospital Illinois, Inc., amended, 118 Dentistry, College of, Building (Chicago campus), energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 323 Departmental reorganization, Urbana, Library, 496 Deroos, Y. S., appointment, 371 Designed Roofing Systems, contract, 22, 240 Developmental Disabilities, Institute for the Study of (Chicago campus), contract, janitorial services, 2S(T, 562 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 378 DeVuyst, E. A., appointment, 344 Dialysis unit (Chicago campus), remodeling project, waiver of University purchasing rules, 429 Dickie, G., member of Institute for the Humanities, 190 Didato-Castillo, C , elected student trustee, 533 Discrimination, University's response to complaints, interim policy and procedures, 393 Diversity Committee, members, 443 Dixon Springs Agricultural Center/Southern Illinois, advisory committee, appointments, 301 Dobson, M., appointment, 370 Doebel, P. I., appreciation of services, 106 Douglass, H., member of advisory committee, 301 Dover Elevator Company, contract, 32 Downey, D. J., appreciation of services, 106 Doyen Service Corporation, contract, 502 Drucker, H., member of advisory board, 48 Duce Construction Company, Inc., contract, 145, 213,472 increase, 358 Duncan, A. B., appointment, 370 Duncan, E. J., tribute in appreciation of services, Dunham, K., honorary degree, 387 Dussinger, I. A., member of Center for Advanced Study, 416 EHS Health Care, Inc., master affiliation agreement with Chicago campus, 395 negotiations for affiliation for residency training, subordinate affiliation agreement with Chicago campus, 395 EME, Inc., contract, 428 EPE Technologies, Inc., batteries for uninterruptible power system, 427 Early retirement agreements, president of University, authorized to negotiate with faculty and staff, 258 report to Committee of the Whole, 40 Earth science (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Science in the Teaching of, discontinued, 270 Easement, Champaign, St. Mary's Road, 24 Piatt County, Allerton Park farm lands, buried cable, 28 East Asian languages and cultures (Urbana), major, designated, 519 minor, established, 287 East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 342 Eastburn, D. M., undergraduate instructional award, 194 * Ebrey, P. B., appointment, 342 undergraduate instructional award, 194 Economy Mechanical Industries, contract, 112, 148 Edelman, D., appreciation of services, 106 Edelstone, Sigmund E., Medical Student Center, contract, air conditioning work, 89 electrical work, 90 general work, 89 heating work, 89 piping work, 89 plumbing work, 89 refrigeration work, 89 temperature control work, 89 ventilation work, 89 See also Medical Student Center (Chicago campus)