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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 605]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Electrical work, cont'd cost-plus contract, minor building alterations, repairs, and new construction, Chicago campus, 278 Urbana, 244, 566 Elevator work, contract, Urbana, Illini Union, 214 Ellis, M., appointment, 80 Embree, E., member of advisory committee, 301 Emergency medicine (Chicago campus), residency program, authorization of payments, Fiscal Yea? 1993, 209 Fiscal Year 1994, 209 Fiscal Year 1995, 209 Emergency medicine services, payment to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, 355 Endowment funds, foreiign equities manager, 16 investment policy, revision, 16 Energy conservation project, Urbana, installation of variable speed fan controls, 401 award of contracts, 434 Energy conservation projects, contracts, engineering services, Chicago campus, 323, 373 recision of board action, 373 Energy 2000 program (Urbana), 401 Enger, M. C , appointment, 343 Engineering, State-wide programs and enrollments, discussion by Illinois Board of Higher Education, 5 Engineering, College of (Chicago campus), advisory board, appointments, 48, 302, 487 degree, Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, discontinued, 468 Bachelor of Science in Engineering (generic), discontinued, 269 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics, discontinued, 235 Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering, discontinued, 468 degrees, conferred, 288, 289, 290, 574, 575, 576. degrees in metallurgy and engineering mechanics, consolidation and redesignation, 447 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 376 Engineering, College of (Urbana), degree, Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering, consolidation, 496 Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, designated, 496 Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering, consolidation, 496 Doctor of Philosophy in Mining Engineering, discontinued, 270 Master of Science in Mining Engineering, discontinued, 270 degrees, conferred, 72, 98, 153, 292, 360, 406, 455, 578 discontinuation of four research centers, 518 minor in computer science, established, 122 task force to review degree programs, 497 undergraduate curriculum in general engineering, revision, 434 use of Duildings and land at Chanute Air Force Base, 67 Engineering mechanics (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Science degree, discontinued, 235 graduate degrees, consolidation and redesignation, 447 Engineering quadrangle (Urbana), contract, architectural services, 115 engineering services, 115 utility systems and steam tunnel relocation, electrical work, 216, 275 general work, 215, 275 heating work, 216, 275 plumbing work, 215, 275 withdrawal of bid, utility systems and steam tunnel relocation, 21b, 275, 276 Engineering Research Facility (Chicago campus), Microfabrications Laboratory, contract, deionized water system, 351 planning and construction, supplemental funding, 116 Engineering Sciences Building (Urbana), designated, 142


Engineering services, contract, Capital Development Board project, 324 recision of board action, 324 Champaign, Airport, University, maintenance and storage facility, 503 Biaxial Shock Test Machine Building, triaxial upgrade and offices, 354 Gerty Drive Building, 242 amendment, 116 Gregory Drive Residence Halls, emergency generators, 354 Peabody Drive Residence Halls, emergency generators, 354 Sixth Street steam tunnel, 245, 473 Taft Residence Hall, emergency generators, Van Doren Residence Hall, emergency generators, 354 Chicago campus, Alumni Hall, south building remodeling, 499 Associated Health Professions Building, remodeling fifth floor, 569 Behavioral Sciences Building, signage system, 428 Chicago Circle Center, compliance with ADA accessibility standards, 500 chilled water system for west side, 221 Circle Court shopping center, 149 Clinical Sciences Building, remodeling for Gene Lab, 500 remodeling work, 524 Clinical Sciences North Building, hemodialysis unit, 114 increase, 426 Daley, Richard J., Library, concrete repair, 568 roof replacement, 568 Dentistry, College of, remodeling, 149 entry and building signage project, 428 Hospital, University, tnird floor addition for surgicenter, 402 Medicine, College of, West Tower, remodel laboratories, 220 Neuropsychiatric Institute North Tower, renovation, 178 Paulina Street Parking Structure, increase, 353 * masonry repair, 449 Science and Engineering South Building, signage system, 428 south campus, site improvements, 432, 570 Student Services Building, increase, 282, 8 400 interior furnishings, fixtures and equipment, 353 University Square, site development, 569 Intercollegiate Athletics, Division of, administration facility, 451 Peoria, Medicine, College of, 23 Urbana, Adams, Roger, Laboratory, 65 space upgrade, 525 Admissions and Records, Office of, Building, 570 Bioacoustics Research Laboratory, 93 bookstore and office building, 147 amended, 94 increase, 322 Coordinated Science Laboratory, renovation, 179 Daniels Hall, emergency generators, 354 engineering quadrangle, 115 Environmental and Agricultural Sciences Building, 92 Goodwin-Green apartments, emergency generators, 354 Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, 24 Illini Union, life safety improvements, 402 patio enclosure, increase, 320 Illinois Street Residence Halls, emergency generators, 354 Loomis Laboratory, renovation, 179 Materials Research Facilities, renovation, 568