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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 591]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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A & H Plumbing 8c Heating Co., Inc., contract, 62, 90, 280, 364 A 8c R Mechanical Contractors, Inc., contract, 32, 92, 93, 144, 214, 241, 250, 251, 252, 319, 399,424, 531, 567 ACB Business Services, Inc., contract, 560 APM, Inc., contract, 174 Abatement Management, Inc., withdrawal of bid, 277 * Abbott Power Plant, contract, tube replacement, 351 correction of metering problem by Illinois Power, Abcarian, H., appointment, 231 Abelmann, N., undergraduate instructional award, 194 * Abernathy-Lear, G., appointment, 137 Abrams, R. A., appointment, 341 Abrego, F., appointment, 388 Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for (Urbana), appointment, 303 Academic Affairs Committee, meeting, presentation on Fiscal Year 1995 budget, 335 presentation on graduate business education, presentation on Great Cities Initiative: UIC's Metropolitan Commitment, 335 presentation on Great Cities Program (Chicago campus), 458 report on efforts to strengthen undergraduate education (Urbana), o09 members, 168, 443 Academic professional positions, review of, 463 Academic professional staff, See also Staff Academic units (Urbana), discontinuation of, procedure developed by Urbana Senate, report, 367 Accountancy (Urbana), teacher education minor for non-commerce majors, eliminated, 255 Accountancy, Board of, Examiners in, appointments, 231, 415, 551 Accountancy, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 552 Accounts, Hospital, University, contract for computer-assisted telecollections system, 274, 561 contracts with collection agencies, 560 Medicine, College of, contract with collection agency, 560 Ackles, P. K., appointment, 516 Active Roofing Co., Inc., withdrawal of bid, 318 Adams, B. W., member of advisory board, 264 Adams, M. C , appointment, 345 Adams, Roger, Laboratory (Urbana), contract, architectural services, 65 engineering services, 65 remodeling, electrical work, 250 general work, 250 heating work, 250 plumbing work, 250 refrigeration work, 250 temperature control work, 250 ventilation work, 250 space upgrade, architectural services, 525 engineering services, 525 remodeling for Chemical Engineering Department, comptroller's authority to award contracts, 219 Administration, Higher, and Continuing Education, Department of (Urbana), redesignated Department of Educational Organization and Leadership, 420 Administrative Computer Center (Chicago campus), uninterruptible power system, 427 Administrative Information Systems and Services, Office of, relocation to 50 Gerty Drive Building, 26 Administrative leaves, See Leaves of absence, administrative Administrative salary policy, affirmed by Board of Trustees, 309 report, 259 Administrative streamlining procedures, 430 Admiral Heating & Ventilating, contract, 91 Admission requirements, Chicago campus, transfer students, revised, 533 Admissions, residency status of students, revision of regulations, 307 Admissions and Records, Office of, Building (Urbana), contract, architectural services, 570 engineering services, 570 Advanced Construction Technology Center (Urbana), discontinued, 518 Advanced Environmental Control Technology Center {Urbana), discontinued, 518 Advanced Sheet Metal 8c Roofing, Inc., contract, 240 Advanced Study, Center for (Urbana), members, appointments, 138, 190, 191, 416, 485 Advancement Fund, U of I, proceeds from sale of farmland, 27 Advertising, Department of (Urbana), head, appointment, 136 Advertising Studies, Cummings Center for, established, 12 Aetna Life Insurance 8c Annuity Company, participant in tax-deferred retirement plan, 237 Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Committee, members, 168 African-American Studies (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Arts degree, designated, 34 Agricultural Economics, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 6, 300 Agricultural education (Urbana), baccalaureate program, revised, 180 Agricultural Engineering, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 7, 300 head, appointment, 466 Agricultural Entomology, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 300 Agriculture, College of (Urbana), advisory committees, appointments, 6, 300 baccalaureate program in agricultural education, revised, 180 degree, Bachelor of Science in Soil Science, discontinued, 308 degrees, conferred, 71, 98, 152, 292, 360, 455, *577 maintenance/storage facility, 113 major, agronomy, revised, 572 general agriculture, discontinued, 236 general home economics, discontinued, 236 vocational home economics education curriculum, discontinued, 308 Agriculture Committee, members, 168 Agronomy (Urbana), major, revised, 572 Agronomy, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 7, 300 degree, Bachelor of Science in Soil Science, discontinued, 308 Ahlawat, S. S., appointment, 171 Ahrens, D., member of advisory committee, 8, 301 Aiken, M. T., appointment, lo9 salary increased to purchase personal disability insurance, 228 Air conditioning work, contract, Champaign, Biaxial Shock Test Machine Building, office addition, 530 Gerty Drive Building, 241 Intramural-Physical Education Building, front entrance renovation, 214 Taft/Van Doren Residence Halls, common area improvements, 218 Chicago campus, Associated Health Professions Building, 321 Clinical Sciences Building, remodeling, 112 remodeling laboratories, 211 Edelstone, Sigmund, E., Medical Student Center, 89 parking structure no. 1, remodel ground F floor, 62 * Springfield, Cooperative Extension Service offices, 20 Urbana, bookstore and office building, 176 increase, 410 Buell, Temple Hoyne, Hall, 144