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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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7. The payroll of the employes in the State Laboratory of Natural History shall be made out and certified to by the Director and it shall be filed by him with the Secretary on the first day of each month. 8. Purchases to an amount exceeding one hundred dollars shall be let by contract in open competion unless the character ofAthe materials or articles, technical or otherwise, render a competition impossible. Contracts shall be let by the Board or a committee designated by the Board and shall be signed for the University by the President and Secretary of the Board unless other persons or committees are authorized by the Board to perform that service. 9. Contracts shall be filed with the Secretary by the officers of the Board authorized to enter into the contract and payment in full or in part shall be made on contracts only, on thej certificate of some person authorized by the Board that the contract or a part thereof has been acceptably fulfilled and that under the terms of the contract a certain stated amount is due and payable. 10. The Secretary shall act as Auditor of the Board and shall audit all accounts against the University. All bills of accounts shall be rendered to the Secretary for audit. The Secretary shall have regular business hours each day in whicn to audit and discharge bills of accounts against the University and shall have such hours bulletined for the information of the public. 11. Bills for purchases when rendered to the Secretary must be accompanied by the order of the Assistant Treasurer, and, if for materials or articles delivered, the receipt of the officer, member of Faculty, or employe who received them that the same was received by him in good condition, and that they were of the quality and kind prescribed. 12. When an account against the University is just and due, the obligation having been created by the authority of the Board, and appropriation has been made for the payment of the same, and if is presented in conformity to the requirements of the Board, the Secretary shall stamp on the face thereof " A p proved for payment, A. B., Secretary ? " and shall enter the bill, fully described, in a book of audit, and shall issue a warrant against the Treasurer for the amount of the account. Said warrant he shall lay before the President of the Board for signature. The President shall sign it if he be satisfied that it is correct and return it to the Secretary. The Secretary shall then deliver the said warrant, taking acknowledgment therefor, in the audit book, in exchange for the audited bill, properly receipted, provided that in cases where the money is paid from special state and United States funds he shall require duplicate receipted bills. Each payroll shall be stamped but once, but each item shall be entered separately in the audit book and a warrant issued for each separate amount, and both the payroll and the audit book shall be receipted. 13. The Secretary shall report to the Board, at its regular meetings, the financial transactions of his office during the previous quarter, with a detailed lists of warrants issued, the receipted bills taken therefor, and the audit book receipted for warrants, which report shall be audited by the Finance Committee.

The following resolution, offered by Mr. McLean, was adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Buildings and Grounds be, and hereby is, authorized and instructed to have the necessary working plans and specifications for the library building made by D. H. Burnham & Co., and when such specifications and plans have been prepared to publish a call, in its discretion, for the erection and completion of said building by March 1, 1897, and to make report from time to time of its acts. Resolved, That said Committee be further instructed to inform said D. H. Burnham & Co. that the entire cost of said building must not exceed the sum of money appropriated therefor by the General Assembly of the State of Illinois.

The Board then adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock Thursday morning.