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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896 [PAGE 186]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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The civil engineering department requests an appropriation of $12 for additional window shades. I recommend that it be granted and charged against the special appropriation for furnishing engineering hall. Applications are herewith submitted from the junior class for the appropriation of $200 to aid in the publication of the Illio, and also from the board of the Technograph for a like sum to aid that publication. It has been customary, I think, to appropriate $100 to each of these purposes. I recommend that that course be pursued now. I transmit an application from the professor of physical training for an appropriation of $220 for additional apparatus in that department. There was no apparatus in this department at the beginning of the year. An appropriation of $600 was made last summer for this purpose. It had to coyer apparatus in both the men's and women's departments of physical training, although the women's department had had the benefit of a balance of $100 from a former appropriation. I am glad to be able to say that I think the work in both the men's and women's departments has fallen into excellent hands, There is manifest intelligence, energy, and new interest about it. The equipment for these departments is nothing compared with that of other similar institutions. It can hardly be said that they are respectably housed. In view of all the circumstances I respectfully recommend the appropriation of the sum asked for by Professor Everett. I respectfully recommend the appropriation of $170 to defray the expenses of inspecting high schools. I transmit a request from the professor of military science asking for an appropriation of $65 for the purchase of a silk flag (national colors) for the University Battalion. The colors now on hand are entirely worn out. I recommend that the request be granted. I transmit also a request from the professor of applied chemistry, asking for an appropriation of $150. Fifty dollars of this is for heating a room which has been arranged for the photographic work, and the other $100 for expenditures made at my instance for perfecting a photographic outfit for University purposes. I recommend that the appropriation be granted. Professor S. A. Forbes requests an appropriation of $200 for furnishing a room in Natural History Hall. This room was until recently occupied by Professor Krohn. He has vacated it and the furniture which he used has been moved to the room he now occupies. It is necessary to do more than furnish the room in the ordinary meaning of the term. It is to be used for entomological purposes, and some special fixtures and necessary plumbing are requisite. I respectfully recommend that the appropriation be made. I have received several very urgent requests for Books in the different departments of the College of Literature and Arts. I have sifted these requests to the point of ascertaining what books are "imperatively necessary to the proper carrying on of the work in this college during the next term and are not owned by the University.'' With this very severe treatment the* list has been reduced to a cost of $184.40. I respectfully recommend the appropriation of $200 for this purpose. I make the foregoing recommendation upon the condition and understanding that no specific purchases shall be made without my special approval. In the discharge of this duty I should of course be glad to be associated with any members of the Board who can give it their attention, for I think all purchases should be scrutinized by some general University authority and the more the better. Experience shows that heads of departments will make recommendations and purchases without regard to other interests. They unduly magnify the importance of the interests under their own charge. This is very naturally so and perhaps they ought not to be criticized for it. There has unquestionably been too much haste in making purchases here, and there has also been frequent duplication of the same material. I am sure great advantage resulted to the University last summer through the operation of the principles to which I allude.