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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878 [PAGE 64]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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64 A communication from adjutant general H . Hilliard to Col. E . Snyder, was referred to Mr. J. B . Brown, with instructions to report at the next meeting. Recess taken till 7:30 p. m. KVENING S KSSION. T h e board met on time. T h e following amounts were appropriations : $ 25 15 25 125 100 50 00 00 00 00 00 00 for for for for for for


to be expended



tools, appropriation for shop practice. chemicals, appropriation for physical laboratory. hydraulic apparatus, app. for " " Rumkorff coil, app. for " " acoustic and electrical apparatus, app. for phys. laboratory. printing apparatus for regent's office, from current funds.

T h e following report of the architect, Prof. N". C. Ricker, in regard to progress of work on the new laboratory building, also recommendations for heating apparatus for same, was then read. REPORT OF ARCHITECT. To the Building Committee of the Hon. board of trustees, of the Illinois Industrial University: GENTLEMEN: I have the honor to present to you my quarterly report, as architect of the chemical laboratory, as follows: As you have already observed, the contractors have not been able to comply with that part of their contract requiring- the building* to be fully enclosed on November 15th, chiefly on account of delay in the stone masonry of the basement story. Still, I believe that so far no damage has occurred to the building-. To settle any dispute which might arise on final settlement, as to the actual condition of the building- on November 16th, I requested Prof. Webber to take a photographic negative of it, which he did on November 20th. I have found it necessary to make a few changes in the building, to better adapt it to its purposes, or improve its appearance, which will, I believe, meet your approval. In each case where any extra expense wras required, except for ground glass skylight, the cost has been fixed beforehand by agreement between Mr. Terrell and myself, and at very reasonable figures. 1st. Window and door caps are of Joliet limestone instead of Ohio sandstone, and changed design. They look much neater, and better agree with the brick walls. No extra cost. 2d. Two flues 12x12 inches from basement were put in north east part of the building, instead of one flue 4x12 inches from second story, by request of Prof. Webber, to provide for a possible need of placing a furnace in the milling room. Extra cost $52. 3d. Hot air flues in interior walls. Provision was made in the specifications that the University would furnish, and the contractors set, hot air Hues of tin where required. I obtained bids for the tin pipes from four parties in TJrbana and Champaign, and at the lowest price, they would cost about $125. After thinking over the matter a while I concluded to omit the tin, forming the flues in the wall and plastering the flues with plaster of paris. This is much cheaper, less heat is transmitted from the air to the wall, though there is more friction in the flues. To remedy this I put in a larger number of flues, and made about half of them 8x16 in. Extra cost $25 00. 4th. Two dormer windows on east side—the two in center of building were put in extra. Four wood columns in mansard story were omitted, the weight of roof being thrown on partitions. Expense of difference between the charges $20 00. 6th. The chimney caps were drawn to extend about 3 feet above the edge of deck roof, which would probably be sufficient; but to make sure, they have been carried 3 feet higher, or 1 foot above the central ridge. Additional cost $35 22. 6th. It will be best to substitute ground glass for the double thick glass in skylight for photographic atelier. This has not been ordered yet, and the cost of the change not been agreed upon. Mr. Terrell can furnish this, or the business agent can purchase it, and we can then deduct from the amount due under the contract, the cost of the double thick glass, as you may think preferable. 7th. Ornamental slating.—It is purposed to put in ornamental slating, using about one square of red and two of gray, forming diamond figures where there is space for them.