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Lincoln Hall

There are many things Lincoln at the University of Illinois in the Land of Lincoln. From the 1927 Lincoln Statue in Carle Park in Urbana, to the 1947 Lincoln Avenue Residence Halls, and the 1957 Lincoln Avenue Resident Addition, the state's most famous politician is well-memorialized. Yet, when they hear "Lincoln", most on the University of Illinois campus think of Lincoln Hall, which turns one century old in 2009.

Lincoln Hall in Photographs

See a side of Lincoln Hall you might never have noticed through the UIHistories Photo Archives.


See the dedication invite, program, and proceedings:

Lincoln Hall Courtyard World War I Memorial

Many walk by it each day in complete oblivion to its significance, but the southern inner courtyard of Lincoln Hall is a memorial to fallen Illini from World War I. Read some of the materials regarding the symbolism of the courtyard:

Tribute to Lincoln

In 1896, on what would have been Lincoln's 87th birthday, University President Andrew S. Draper gave an address titled The Illinois Life and the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

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