UIHistories Project: A History of the University of Illinois by Kalev Leetaru
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Sarah McFarland Campanile and Carillons

The Sarah McFarland Campanile and Carillons, completed in 2009, anchors the south end of campus in a final realization of a nearly century-old vision to have a belltower in south campus. The Campus Plan of 1913 first suggested the notion of a belltower in south campus, while the original proposed plans for Memorial Stadium also included a campanile. Memorial Stadium was actually given an electronic campanile in 1962, played from a console in Foellinger Auditorium.

South Quad Rock Garden

This circa-1926 photograph shows what the south end of campus looked like in the early 1900's.

Proposed University Campanile

This 1913 drawing by University Architect James M. White showes what campus planners of the day envisioned for the south of campus.

Memorial Stadium Proposal

In one proposed design of Memorial Stadium, it would have featured a massive obelisk, most likely a campenile, anchoring its southern entrance.

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