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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 615]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Materials Research Facilities, cont'd refrigeration work, 567 temperature control work, 567 ventilation work, 567 renovation with grant from United States Department of Education, 178 Materials Research Laboratory (Urbana), contract, HVAC improvements, 451 masonry repairs, 451 renovation, architectural services, 179 engineering services, 179 designated Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, 12 Materials science and engineering (Chicago campus), Bachelor of Science degree, discontinued, 468 Materials Science and Engineering, Department of (Urbana), bachelor degree programs, consolidation, 496 task force to review degree programs, 497 Materials Science and Engineering Instructional Laboratories (Kiln House), contract, remodeling, 63 Materials Science and Engineering Instructional Laboratories (Urbana), contract, renovation, air conditioning work, 253 electrical work, 253 fire protection work, 254 general work, 253 increase, 404 heating work, 253 piping work, 253 plumbing work, 253 refrigeration work, 253 temperature control work, 253 ventilation work, 253 renovation, comptroller's authority to award contracts, 220 Mathematics (Urbana), Certificate of Advanced Study, discontinued, 391 Matoesian, G., appointment, 370 Maxey Flats (Kentucky), hazardous waste site, University's share of costs for cleaning, 103 Maxwell Street Market (Chicago), 334 relocation, 441, 529 Trustee Lopez's concerns, 554 Maxwell Street Police Station (Chicago), lease back to City of Chicago, 530 Mazza, C. L., appointment, 370 McCarthy, C. K., appointment, 371 McCord, E. L., appointment, 419 McCracken, P., member of Institute for the Humanities, 486 McCracken, P. S., appointment, 370 McCusker, R. J-iIr., appointment, 53 McDaniel Fire Systems, Inc., contract, 33, 254, 320 McDowell Builders, Inc., contract, 252 McGinnis, V., member of advisory committee, 8 McGovern, T. S., appointment, 344 McLimore, J. E, undergraduate instructional award, 518 McMillan, E. L., member of advisory committee, 300 McMiller, W. E. P., appointment, 108 McWilliams, Paul H., 8c Sons, Inc., contract, 32, 33 McWilliams Mechanical, Inc., contract, 275, 319 Mechanical Engineering, Department of (Chicago campus), head, appointment, 304 Mechanical Engineering Building (Urbana), contract, roof repairs, 451 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IIA (Urbana), contract, remodeling, air conditioning work, architectural services, 246 electrical work, 399 engineering services, 246 general work, 399 heating work, 399 plumbing work, 399 refrigeration work, 399 temperature control work, 399 ventilation work, 399


Mechanical insulation work, cost-plus contract, Chicago campus, 19 minor building alterations, repairs, and new construction, Chicago campus, 278 Mechanical work, contract, Champaign, Police Training Institute, Tactical Training Center, firing range improvements, 175 Chicago campus, Medical Center District Steam Plant, boiler no. 7 stack addition, 20 cost-plus contract, minor building alterations, repairs, and new construction, Chicago campus, 278 Media contracts, comptroller's authority to award, Media studies (Urbana), Bachelor of Science degree, internal transfer of administration, 572 Medical Assistance-No Grant (MANG) applications, contracts to assist University Hospital in filing, 561 Medical Center District Steam Plant (Chicago campus), contract, boiler no. 7 stack addition, general work, 20 mechanical work, 20 Medical psychology (Chicago campus), Master of Science degree, discontinued, 447 Medical Record Services (Chicago campus), contract, float services, 61, 557 Medical records, Hospital, University, contract, diagnostic coding services, 314 Medical Sciences Building (Chicago campus), energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 374 recision of board action, 373 Medical Sciences South Building (Chicago campus), contract, remodeling for physical medicine, remodeling for Physical Medicine, waiver of University purchasing rules, 429 Medical Service Plans, Medicine, College of (Chicago), contract with collection agency, 560 Medical Student Center (Chicajgo campus), See Edelstone, Sigmund E., Medical Student Center Medicine, College of, contract with collection agency, 560 residency program in emergency medicine, authorization of payments, Fiscal Year 1993, 209 Fiscal Year 1994, 209 Fiscal Year 1995, 209 subordinate academic affiliation agreement with Illinois Department of Mental Health, 557 subordinate affiliation agreement with EHS Health Care, Inc., 395 Medicine, College of (Chicago campus), degree, Master of Science in Medical Psychology, discontinued, 447 Master of Science in Orthopaedic Surgery, discontinued, 518 Master of Science in Radiology, discontinued, degrees, conferred, 289, 290, 291, 574, 575, 576 energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 323T nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 377 subordinate affiliation agreement with Humana Hospital Illinois, Inc., amended, 118 Medicine, College of (Peoria), contract, architectural services, 23 engineering services, 23 contracts, physical facility services, 239, 499 degrees, conferred, 291, 576 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 377 Medicine, College of (Rockford), degrees, conferred, 291, 575, 576 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 378 Medicine, College of (Urbana), contracts, educational services, 448 degrees, conferred, 290, 291, 574, 575, 576 nonsalaried clinical faculty, 53, 378 Medicine, College of, building (Chicago campus), contract, research lab. remodeling, recision of board action, 324