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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 610]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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Hospital, cont'd participation in the University Hospital Consortium purchasing program, 210 patient accounts department, contract for computer-assisted telecollections system, 274, 561 payment to Foster McGaw Hospital for treatment of student, 327 possible affiliation with another hospital, report, Quality Assessment and Improvement plan, revised, 143 8uality Assurance Council, renamed, 143 uality Improvement Council, changes in membership, 143 report, accreditation, status report, 186 affiliation with Mercy Hospital (Chicago), 186 contract with Humana-Michael Reese Hospital, 76, 104 financial situation, 38, 104, 186, 260 Illinois State Department of Public Aid, cessation of payments, 186 Operations Improvement Program, 38, 76, 104, 186, 260 purchasing plan involving consortium of Chicago area hospitals, 186 Quality Improvement Program, 160 risk management, 161 strategic plan, 160 training of staff by consultants from University of Michigan Medical Center, 546 treatment ofZikang Pan, authorization for settlement with Illinois Masonic Medical Center, 285 Utilization Management Plan, revised, 143 Hospital and Clinics, Committee on the University, meeting, 509 members, 168, 443 presentation on transfer of programs from Illinois State Department of Mental Health, 414 Hospital Corporation of America Management Company, Inc., See Quorum Health Resources, Inc. Hostetter, E., member of Center for Advanced Study, 138 Housekeeping management services, contract, Associated Health Professions Building, 19 Eye and Ear Infirmary, 19 Hospital, University, 18 Housing, allowance for chancellors, 2 University-certified, 30-hour rule, meeting regarding University's policy, 365 University-operated, all campuses, refund policy, amended, 234 rates for 1993-94 academic year, 199 rates for 1994-95 academic year, 494 Urbana, regulations for undergraduate students, review of policy, 262 Housing Food Stores (Urbana), contract, fire alarm systems upgrade, 215 Housing warehouse (Urbana), contract, fire alarm and fire protection systems upgrade, 276 electrical work, 2/6 Hu, Y., appointment, 390 Hudson Boiler 8c Tank Company, contract, 20 Hudson-White, C. G., appointment, 51 Huey, T., member of advisory committee, 301 Huff, J. C., appreciation certificate, 550 elected student trustee, 230 installation, 298 presentation to Committee on Student Affairs, priorities identified by Urbana students, 481 Huftalin, I. G., member of advisory committee, 8, 302 Hughes, A., member of advisory committee, 301 Hughes, I., member of advisory board, 48 Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of (Chicago campus), degrees, designated, 495 designated, 495 Human Resources and Family Studies, School of (Urbana), director, appointment, 49 Humana Hospital Illinois, Inc., Master Affiliation Agreement with University, amended, 118

Hirsch, L. C , honorary degree, 445 Hispanic students (Urbana), See Latino students Hock, H. H., member of Center for Advanced Study, 138 Hockman, D., appointment, 487 Hodel, K. A., appointment, 192 Hoffman, S. D., member of advisory board, 48 Hogan, M. P., member of advisory board, 48 Holian Asbestos Removal & Encapsulation Corp., contract, 318 increase, 426 Hollingshead, A. B., appointment, 390 Holloway, R., member oi advisory committee, 300, 301 Home economics (Urbana), major, discontinued, 236 Home economics education (Urbana), Bachelor of Science degree, discontinued, 308 Honorary degrees, Chicago campus, 191, 445, 465 Urbana, 171, 387, 445, 487, 529 Hopkins 8c Sutter, underwriter's counsel for Series 1993 Revenue Bond issue, 272 Horticulture, Department of (Urbana), advisory committee, appointments, 7, 301 maintenance/storage facility, 113 Horticulture Field Laboratory (Urbana), contract, remodeling, 451 Hortin, T., member of advisory committee, 301 Horwitz, A. F., member of Center for Advanced Study, 417 Horwitz, A. L., appointment, 232 Hospital, University, collection of unpaid patient accounts, contracts with collection agencies, 560 contract, ambulatory care facility, planning serX vices, 523 XF S biofeedback treatment program, 238 business advisory services, 110 consulting services, establishment of the Clinical Engineering Department, 350 patient care system, 423 housekeeping management services, 18 inpatient medical records, diagnostic coding services, 314 laundry services, 313, 521 lithotripsy services, 316, 558 managed care administrative services, 522 occupational therapy services, 315 increase, 422 on-site medical record services, 61, 557 Operations Improvement Program, consulting services, 1/4 organ transplantation processing, 315, 558 physical therapy services, 315 quality improvement training services, 559 radiation oncology services, 273 surgicenter, electrical work, 564 general work, 564 heating work, 564 piping work, 564 plumbing work, 564 refrigeration work, 564 temperature control work, 564 ventilation work, 564 temporary computer programming services, 448 third floor addition for surgicenter, architectural services, 402 engineering services, 402 contracts, assistance in filing Medical AssistanceNo Grant (MANG) applications, 561 occupational therapy services, 559 physical therapy services, 559 director, appointment, 465 Emergency Medicine Department, payment of patient care services, 355 HMO, Stop Loss Insurance, purchase of, 248 not executed, 249 Hospital Finance, lease of office space, 325 Livingston, Park, Health Walk, designated, 18 Operations Improvement Program, 5