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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992 [PAGE 598]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1992
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TRUSTEES Clinical Sciences Building, cont'd refrigeration work, 148 remodeling, air conditioning work, 112 architectural services, 524 electrical work, 112 engineering services, 524 fire protection work, 112 general work, 112 heating work, 112 piping work, 112 plumbing work, 112 refrigeration work, 112 temperature control work, 112 ventilation work, 112 remodeling for Gene Therapy/Research Lab., architectural services, 500 engineering services, 500 remodeling laboratories, air conditioning work, electrical work, 210 fire protection work, 210 general work, 210 heating work, 210 piping work, 210 plumbing work, 210, 282 recision of board action, 282 refrigeration work, 210 sprinkler system work, 210 temperature control work, 210 ventilation work, 210 ventilation work, 148 electrical work, rebid, 148 rejection of bids, 176 energy conservation project, contract, engineering services, 323 remodeling for Gene Therapv/Research Lab., waiver of University purchasing rules, 501 Clinical Sciences North Building (Chicago campus), contract, architectural services, increase, 426 engineering services, increase, 426 hemodialysis unit, architectural services, 114 engineering services, 114 remodeling for dialysis unit, waiver of University purchasing rules, 429 Clinton, H. R., honorary degree, 529 Coaches, elements of compensation under control of University, 512 recruitment of minorities to staff, discussion, 506 Cochran, D. E., member of advisory committee, 7 Coddington, R. C , appointment, 372 Colbert, C. C , appointment, 552 Cole, C. L., appointment, 344 Cole, J., member of Center for Advanced Study, 190 Cole, T. W., appointment, 372 Coleman, F., Hi, appointment, 138 Coleman Electrical Service, Inc., contract, 33, 92, 218, 241, 379, 434, 471 withdrawal of bid, 275, 276, 473 Collection agencies, contracts for collection of unaid patient accounts, Hospital, University, 60 Collection agency, contract for collection of unpaid patient accounts, Medicine, College of, 560 Collective bargaining, report, procedures for negotiating agreements, 481 Service Employees International Union, 335 Collins, G. R., 57 Collins, Z. E., 57 Commerce and Business Administration, College of (Urbana), concentration in food and agribusiness management, established, 33 degrees, conferred, 71, 98, 152, 292, 360, 455,

Chicago Illini Union Addition and Recreation Facility (Chicago campus), contract, renovation, 281 Chicago Title and Trust Company, escrow agent, resignation, 208 Chicago Tribune, articles regarding Urbana campus, Chief Illiniwek, complaint filed with Illinois Human Relations Committee against use, dismissed, 460 demonstrators protesting use of, 186 discussion of, 163 Children's Books, Center for (Urbana), establishment, 109 Childs, Jerry, 8c Co., contract, 320 Chilled water system, Chicago campus, west side, contract, architectural services, 221 engineering services, 221 waiver of University purchasing rules, 526 Chimney repairs, contract, Urbana, Mumford Hall, Chiseri-Strater, E., appointment, 51 Choca, J., appointment, 418 Choi, M. Y., appointment, 445 Chow, J. W., appointment, 554 Christ Hospital and Medical Center (Oak Lawn), subordinate affiliation agreement with College of Medicine, 395 See also EHS Health Care, Inc. Churchill, M. E., appointment, 193 Cieslik, R. N., member of advisory committee, 300 Circle B Company, Inc., contract, increase, 358 Circle Court shopping center (Chicago campus), contract, architectural services, 149 engineering services, 149 expenditures to be reimbursed from proceeds of debt, 120 revised, 212 included in Chicago campus master plan, 94 vacation of tenant, possible litigation, 460 See also Student Services Building (Chicago campus) Civil and Materials Engineering, Department of (Chicago campus), designated, 46a Civil Engineering, Mechanics, and Metallurgy, Department of(Chicago campus), redesignated, 468 Civil Service Merit Board, University representatives, 167, 444 Clark, J. P., member of advisory board, 302 member of advisory committee, 8 Clark Roofing Company, contract, 318 Cleaning services, See Janitorial services; Housekeeping management services Clinical Engineering Department, Hospital, University, establishment of, 350 Clinical faculty, nonsalaried, Chicago campus, Architecture, Art, and Urban Planning, College of, 53, 376 Associated Health Professions, College of, 53, 376 Dentistry, College of, 53, 376 Developmental Disabilities, Institute for the Study of, 53, 378 Education, College of, 53, 376 Engineering, College of, 53, 376 Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of, 53, 377 Library, 53, 378 Medicine, College of, 53, 377 Military Science, Program in, 53, 378 Nursing, College of, 53, 378 Pharmacy, College of, 53, 378 Public Health, School of, 53, 378 Peoria, Medicine, College of, 53, 377 Rockford, Medicine, College of, 53, 378 Urbana, Medicine, College of, 53, 378 Clinical Sciences Building (Chicago campus), contract, electrical work, 176 fire protection work, 148 general work, 147 heating work, 148 plumbing work, 148



teacher education minor in accountancy, eliminated, 255 Commercial Mechanical, Inc., contract, 93, 253, 567 increase, 244, 358 Committee, search, chancellor (Urbana), report from chair, 38, 74, 102, 126 Committee of the Whole, See Board of Trustees; Board meeting