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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896 [PAGE 157]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1896
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13. For purposes of illustration a small herd of three breeds of cattle, and one of hogs should be maintained. Foundations for these herds should be purchased, and ultimately no grade stock should be kept except for the purpose of experiment or special illustration. I would recommend no sheep, and no horses, except for actual labor. 14. The present barn should be ultimately fitted up as a cattle barn, but the first expense should be for separate quarters for horses. 15. Good drainage should be provided for all buildings, and no buildings, should be allowed out of repair. It is not proper that the Experiment Station should bear all the burden of repairs of buildings. 16. This organization and equipment should go on until the good farmer will find no just cause for criticism. 17. Those things should be done first that mean most for the money outlayy or that remove particularly objectionable features. These are to my mind: (a) To complete the proper division of the subject. (b) To secure a few well bred cattle and swine. (c) To provide shelter for tools. (d) To separate work horses from cows and experimental feeding. (e) To provide drainage from buildings. (f) To put all buildings in good condition. 18. We ought to offer a course in Farm Dairying the coming winter, and a sum should be set apart to equip for this and for further instruction of regular and special students. 19. Commercial operations should be avoided as outside of either experimentation or instruction, except when they naturally arise in connection with necessary equipment. 20. If I were to say what we need most, as soon as it can be provided, and what would do us most credit outside, m our state and abroad, I should say an Agricultural Hall, costing for building and equipment not less than $100,000.00. Items of Expense Involved in Recommendations. 1. Division of subject—Agriculture proper; Animal Husbandry; Dair^ Manufactures; Horticulture. 2. Fund for instruction, $500.00. 3. Foundation purchase of pure-bred live stock, $1,000.00. 4. Horse and tool barn, $1,450.00. 5. Drainage about buildings, $75.00. 6. Repairs of buildings, painting of farm house, $60.00; heater for same $400.00. In order of importance, except that if (4) is not provided for, at least $300.0( will be surely needed for a separate tool shed. M r . B u l l a r d moved to a p p r o p r i a t e , n o t to exceed $800.00, for \ p i a n o . Mr. M c L e a n moved to a m e n d b y m a k i n g t h e a m o u n t $250.0C T h e a m e n d m e n t was lost. T h e original a m e n d m e n t was passed b; t h e following v o t e : Yeas, Messrs. B u l l a r d , G r a h a m , M o r g a n , anc D r . S m i t h ; nays, Messrs. M c L e a n , Morrison, a n d R a y m o n d . O n m o t i o n of Mr. B u l l a r d , t h e p u r c h a s e of t h e p i a n o was referre< to P r e s i d e n t D r a p e r , t h e B u s i n e s s A g e n t , Professor S h a t t u c k , Di S m i t h , a n d Professor J o n e s , as a committee.