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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878 [PAGE 88]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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F o r44the month of A u g u s t 44 September 44 ... 44 October 44 44 November 44 44 December 41 44 January $100 00 100. 00 100 00 100 00 100 00 100 00 $600 00


Total paid for superintendency on building* to date The following- is a s t a t e m e n t of e x t r a s ordered and p u t in said building: E x44r a wall in foundations—stone and brick t flooring of concrete, etc 44 skylight and concreting 44 S. Brown, brick and work

$300 69 132 22 100 00 40 41 $573 32

And t h e following constitute s u n d r y accounts on s a m e : Tribune, advertising bids and building Llewellvn, work on plans 44 J . F. Moore 4 4 Champaign Gazette, advertising N. C. Rieker, expense to Chicago on plans A r c h i t e 44t u r a l department, work on plans c 44 W. A. Balcom, on plans 44 44 Mary L. Page J. M. Gregory, expenses t o Chicago W. A. Moore, iron bill N. C. Williams, drain pipe A g r i c u l t u r a l d e p a r t m e n t , tile and labor J. F. Moore, work on plans C. N . Cady, hardware bill C. V. Peterson, ten yards t r a c i n g cloth Mechanical d e p a r t m e n t , piping, etc A r c h i t e c t u r a l d e p a r t m e n t , labor $25 92 9 65 5 00 7 00 21 90 6 53 5 00 23 37 14 60 3 29 92 92 158 52 2 59 30 20 5 00 341 89 6 53 $760 01 Showing a total e x p e n d i t u r e on said building paid t o date of $18,933 15, divided as follows: P a4 4 N. C. Terrill & Co., on c o n t r a c t id Seeley Brown, s u p e r i n t e n d e n t 44 N. C. Terrill & Co., and o t h e r s , e x t r a work and material 44 s u n d r y bills, including draining, etc $16,999 600 573 760 82 00 32 01

$18,933 15 I n this bill of sundries a r e included draining, building* m a k i n g plans, advertising, and mechanical d e p a r t m e n t laboi, p a r t of which should not be chargeable t o building a p p r o priation, to-wit: t h e work executed by mechanical d e p a r t m e n t was gas and w a t e r piping which properlv belonged t o appropriation for fixtures. So far as building is completed, we can r e p o r t as well done, both as t o m a t e r i a l and w o r k m a n s h i p , and from p r e s e n t indications, t h e building will be completed, according t o p l a n s and specifications, within t h e n e x t t h i r t y days; we would therefore recommend t h a t vour committee be requested and authorized to close t h e contract with N. C. Terrill & Co., by accepting t h e building and certifying t o said Terrill & Co., t h e a m o u n t d u e t h e m on said contract. Respectfully submitted, ALEX. MCLEAN, ) D. GARDNER, } Committee. R. B. MASON. \

The report was adopted and the building committee authorized to accept the new chemical laboratory when finished, close the contract and to certify to N. C. Terrill & Co., the amount due them. The building committee submitted the following report on completion of the green house: