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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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Board met at the time agreed. Mr. McLean, chairman of building committee, laid before the board the plans and specifications for heating apparatus in chemical laboratory, from Professors Robinson and Bicker, and Crane, Breed and Co., also bids on same. Judge Brown moved that the plans submitted by Professors Robinson and Ricker be adopted. Carried. The advertising and receiving of bids and awarding of contract were referred to the building committee, with power to act. The following report, from committee on farms, was received and adopted.

To the Board of Trustees of Illinois Industrial University: The committee, t o whom was referred t h e f u t u r e policy and m a n a g e m e n t of t h e ' f a r m s and lands, beg leave to r e p o r t t h a t they can only deal with t h e policy, without e n t e r i n g into details of m a n a g e m e n t , premising t h a t it is not t h e policy of t h e University to go into general farming for purpose of money-making, (however desirable that, u n d e r times of great depression, might be) b u t t h e farms a r e k e p t primarily for t h e purpose of illust r a t i n g t h e various branches of farming and stock raising. We would therefore recommend t h a t it would be t h e best policy t o conduct the experim e n t s at first on a small scale, and t h a t f u r t h e r experiments should be made on a larger scale of those only t h a t promise to succeed, knowing full well t h a t even then, like all other promises t h a t they are liable to sometimes fail. We would recommend t h a t t h e Busby farm be so shaped t h a t at least two-thirds of it be seeded down into grass for perm a n e n t p a s t u r e lands, and t h a t the balance be k e p t u n d e r the system of rotation of crops t h a t may promise best results as demonstrated by t h e experiments conducted on t h e experimental farm. We would recommend t h a t t h e continuation of t h e system of tile draining, as already commenced, be f u r t h e r extended, as t h e profits of t h e farm may justify. We would f u r t h e r recommend t h a t t h e blooded stock k e p t on the farm should always be k e p t in such a condition t h a t it shall m e e t t h e approbation of all visitors. We would also recommend t h e policy of breeding such stock, both horses and neat, as the farm will r e q u i r e for its u s e . J . H. PICKRELL, ) { A L E X . McLEAN, rCommittee. D. GARDNER. )

Treasurer J. W . Bunn then read the following report, which was referred to a committee consisting of Messrs. Pickrell, Gardner and Byrd, and the board adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock, a. m., in University parlor. John

1877. 5 To balance 24! 44 J . O. Cunningham on note 1878. 4 e J a n ' y 1 * I n t e r44 s t on Chicago 7 p e r cent, bonds 44 Illinois 6 p e r cent, bonds 44 44 Champaign county bonds F e b ' y 25 4 4 a m ' t 44rec' d on44a c e ' t mechanical d e p a r t m e n t 44 44 architectural 44 44 44 *4 agricultural 44 44 44 44 horticultural 44 44 44 44 chemical 44 44 44 44 military 44 44 44 buildings and grounds 28 44 44 44 library 44 44 44 fuel and light 44 44 44 fees and room r e n t s 44 44 44 tuition, p r e p a r a t o r y d e p a r t m e n t . . Dec. $24,096 61 125 00 875 00 930 00 4,600 00 11,190 39 1,091 61 723 58 132 65 192 91 1 65 35 00 3 54 99 95 2,206 50 853 00

W. Bunn,

Treasurer, in AccH with Illinois



6,530 78 $37,157 39