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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878 [PAGE 62]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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62 rection, as will be seen by the librarian's report. T h e pamphlet cases mentioned in his report, are needed at once, as we have already a large accumulation of valuable pamphlets which can be made available only by classification and arranging them in such cases. The expense of these cases will properly be charged to the state appropriation for library cases. 9. The subscription for our periodicals needs to be renewed at once that there may be no delay in their reception. 10. I t is found that the appropriation for the counter, etc., in the book-keeping department will fall a little short of the cost. I recommend that twenty-five dollars be added to the appropriation. 11. The expenditures authorized by the board to be made by the regent and Prof. Taft, from the state appropriation for the cabinets, have been accomplished, in part, with gratifying results, giving to the departments of mineralogy and natural history much new and valuable material for their work. The taxidermist, whose employment you authorized, has not yet begun his work, but is under engagement to begin as soon as his other engagements will allow. I feel much gratified to see this department ; of our institution at length taking the rank its importance demands.


In compliance with the direction of the board, I opened a correspondence with the several institutions organized under the congressional grants, sending to each a copy of the report of your committee, and inviting a conference. This correspondence has resulted in the calling of a convention of the presidents, or other representatives, of the several state universities and colleges, endowed wholly or in part by congressional land grants. It was found impracticable to limit the conference to the purely agricultural or technological institutions, as the grant went, in many, to state universities or state colleges already in existence when the grant was made, and as the state universities are very generally organizing technological and scientific departments, they are interested as much as we in the question of proper degrees to be given to the graduates of the scientific and technical courses. Besides this, their co-operation is desirable to secure some uniformity of usage, so important to the institutions themselves and to the public at large. T h e proposed convention is to be held at the mechanical and agricultural college, of Ohio, at Columbus, December 27 and 28. I t will be expected that this university will be represented, as it was on our suggestion the meeting was called. I t is known to the members of the board, that under the appointment and request of the governor of the state, who is also a member of the board, I accepted, the last summer, a position on the state board of health. This is one of those places which civilized states are accustomed to ask good citizens who may be found competent, to fill for the public good and without compensation, and which, therefore, I have not felt justified in declining, especially as so many assurances have been given me from high sources, that my stay on the board is important to the public weal. T h u s far the duties involved have called me away only twice, and for short intervals, from my work at home. The calls in the future are not likely to be more frequent than in the past. I do not, however, desire to hold a position which will involve