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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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purchase short horn and graded cattle, was referred to Messrs. Gardner, Cobb and Prof. Morrow, as a committee, with power to act. The request of Prof. Morrow, for erecting sheds for cattle, was granted, expenses not to exceed $100 ; the question of exchanging span of horses, was referred to Mr. Gardner. The following report from building committee was read—on motion of Mr. Sabin, it was accepted, the recommendation contained therein approved, and the amounts of payments named allowed:


To the Trustees of the Illinois Industrial University: The undersigned, y o u r committee on laboratory building, would beg leave to r e p o r t as follows : 1. The proposed building was formally b e g u n on t h e 2d day of August, 1877, t h e ground properly graded according t o plan and foundation Avails laid as p e r plan. So f a r as t h e same has progressed we find t h e material and workmanship fully equal t o the req u i r e m e n t s of t h e specifications. 2. We also found t h a t in order t o get p r o p e r foundations it was necessary t o dig one foot deeper so as to reach the brown clay, this change of course necessitated a n e x t r a foot in highth of walls and column footings. Prof. Bicker made estimate as t o t h e a m o u n t of e x t r a material and labor as follows : Making 754 5-6 cubic feet rubble work. 7,424 bricks laid in c e m e n t . We would recommend t h e following estimate as t o value of t h e same. 754 5-6 cubic feet stone @ 30 cents ) q»r>nn ftQ 7,424 thousand brick <& $10 $ thousand, about f ^ u u - b y And we would recommend an allowance for this a m o u n t , provided, however, t h e cont r a c t o r s , Farrell & Co. will give clear receipts for t h a t amount, so that it will n o t be any p a r t of t h e original building or estimates. 3. We received estimate of materials laid on t h e ground, by t h e contractors, Farrell & Co., t h e same being made out by S u p ' t Brown, which showed— 4,554 cubic feet of stone laid in wall, © 25c 234 yds. excavation, @, .75 25 y d s . sand, delivered, @ $1 20 cords stone, delivered, © $14 11,800 brick, delivered, @ $6.50 . Less 15 p e r cent $1,138 50 36 45 25 00 280 00 767 00 $2,246 95 337 04 $1,909 91 For which we certified as correct, and recommended w a r r a n t to be drawn for t h e same. 4. We engaged t h e services of Mr. Seely Brown of Champaign, as building superintendent, whose duty it is t o be present on t h e ground during t h e entire time t h e workmen a r e engaged, and to see t h a t p r o p e r materials a r e used, and good workmanship p e r f o r m ed. F o r such service we promised to pay him a t t h e rate of one hundred dollars p e r month for his time actually so occupied, and would recommend t h a t you pay him m o n t h ly t h e a m o u n t named. 5. We would recommend t h e allowance of t h e following accounts, which a r e herewith submitted : No. No. No. No. 2, 3, 4, 5, W. A. Balcom N. C. Ricker Work and material Mary L. P a g e $ 5 00 2190 6 53 32 30 $65 73

Total a m o u n t and that the same be charged t o laboratory building account.

We would also u r g e u p o n t h e contractors t h e necessity of having m o r e workmen on t h e building so as t o i n s u r e its inelosure by t h e time stipulated, and will do what we can t o aid in that result. Respectfully submitted, ALEX. McLAIN, D. GARDNER, R. B. MASON, Building committee.