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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878 [PAGE 268]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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CABTANEA, Chestnut. vesca, European Chestnut, cultivated from Asia Minor. v a r . americana, American Chestnut, n a t i v e . J u d g e A . M. Brown says: ' T h e r e a r e a n u m b e r of old trees at Caledonia, suppposed by some t o have been planted by I n d i a n s . " I n regard t o t h e Pulaski county trees, Rev. 33. B Olmstead writes as follows: " I suppose that these t r e e s a r e indigenous. They grow on a ridge in section 23, town 15, r a n g e 1, east, about a q u a r t e r of a mile from t h e Ohio river and overlooking it. They cover a n area of about eighty acres. * * * I took a position in their midst to-day, and counted, without moving, thirty-five beautiful and symmetrical trees, averaging in diameter about 22 inches, a n d ' in night 50 or 60 feet. When I came t o this place, H years ago, (dated February 28 1876) t h e r e T were a great many more t h a n a t present. About 25 years ago I saw a tree c u t down and worked u p into rails. I t wa« immensely tall and four or five c u t s were t a k e n off for rails t e n feet long. I measured t h e stump of that tree to-day * * * and making a reasonable allowance for s a p a n d b a r k which a r e gone, found it six feet, two inches, t h r e e feet from t h e ground. Comparing this with a small one, the concentric rings of which we counted, t h e noble t r e e was 250 years old when it was c u t down. * * * (These trees did n o t originate with any civilized nation. No doubt t h e Indians for m a n y generations built their council fires u n d e r their branches, b u t they did not plant t h e m . " T . J . B, ferruginea, American Beech, native, L a p h a m ; Vase3 r , Johnson, Pope, Massac, Alexander, Union, J a c k s o n and Edgar counties, geological survey. Wabash county, Ridgeway; " i n t h e southern p a r t of M i s s o u r i , " "Swallow; in cultivation IOC feet high and 18 in girth in Stoddard county, Mo., Swallow. sylvatica, European Beech, planted from Europe, in i t s various forms a n d colors. CORYLUS. Hazel-Nut, Filhort. avellana, European Hazel-Nut or Filbert planted for its n u t s and for o r n a m e n t from E u r o p e . Not successful in my observation. americana, American Hazel-Nut, native^. Lapham; found, I think, i n about all t h e counties in t h e s t a t e ; rofitrata t h e beaked hazel-nut does not a p p e a r t o have been found in Illinois, b u t is in Wisconsin. T h e hazel-nut also deserves selection and improvement. OSTRYA, Hop-Horn Beam, Iromuood. virginica, American Hop-Horn Beam, native, L a p h a m ; Fulton county, Wolf; W a b a s h county, Itidgeway; handsome ornamental t r e e . CARPINUS, Horn Beam, Ironwood americana, American Horn Beam, Blue or Water Beech, native, L a p h a m ; Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Union, Jackson, Schuyler, Fulton counties, Geological surv e y ; Wabash county, Itidgeway; found t h r o u g h o u t t h e s t a t e .


COMPTONIA, Solander .Sweet Fern. asplenifolia, A i t . K a n k a k e e county, Hill; n e a r Chicago, Vasey; Monroe, Baboock.


BETULA, Birch. lenta, Sweet Black or cherry Birch, native, *'above D i x o n , " Vasey; Wabash county, Ridgeway; " O n e of t h e handsomest of t h e birches, a n d t h e most valuable for t i m ber.",—Bryant. p u m i l a ' L . , McHenry county, V a s e y : n e a r Chicago, Munroe. alba, v a . populifolia, American White Birch, native, Vasey; JoDaviess county, Bebb; small, o r n a m e n t a l ' t r e e . papyracea, Paper or Canoe Birch, native, " O n Mississippi, a t Fulton and Whiteside counties, a n d on L a k e Michigan."—Vasey. " L a r g e , beautiful o r n a m e n t a l tree, affording excellent firewood." B r y a n t . nigral River or Bed Birch, native, L a p h a m ; Madison, Hancock, Johnson, Union, J a c k s o n and Fulton counties, Geological R e p o r t ; St. Clair county, Brendel, Vasey assigns it t o t h e southern part of t h e s t a t e . A large t r e e . " T h e t i m b e r , " says Swallow, 4 'is beautiful a n d suitable for cabinet work, and t h e wood m a k e s excellent charcoal." ALNUS. serrulata, A i t . , Bureau, McLean, Macon and Madison counties, Miss Holmes; White, Schneck; Union, F r e n c h .


SALIX, Willow. p u r p u r e a , Purple Willow, planted for osiers from E u r o p e . viminalis, Basket or Osier Willow, planted for osiers from E u r o p o . Candida, Horny Willow, native, Vasey; Cook county, Babcock; Peoria Brendel. tristis, Dwarf Gray Willow, native, L a p h a m ; F u l t o n county, Wolf.