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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878 [PAGE 25]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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Modesty restrained me in earlier years from urging this matter on the attention of the trustees, hut standing now at the close of my present term of service, and perhaps also at the close of my official connection with you, and the University J I owe it to the institution to which I have given so many years of labor and thought, to utter these my most earnest convictions. I have no longer any direct personal interest in the matter, even if I shall continue for a short time longer my service. But as a citizen like yourselves, of Illinois, I feel that I ought to use my influence for those who are to follow me. I ought not to occupy your time with any long discussion of amendments needed, but will recommend the appointment of a committee to consider and propose any revision or amendments which may appear necessary. It is entirely fitting and in accordance with usage for the trustees to take the initiative in a matter so important to the University. I shall at any time be ready to submit to the board or its committee such changes as seem to me desirable.


This closes the fifth biennial term of my service as regent of the University. Amidst my many difficulties, and with such light and strength as God has given me, I have tried to do my duty. I leave to posterity to judge of the wisdom of my administration of the affairs of the University. Removed, at an important juncture, from my seat in the board, I have owed to the courtesy of the trustees, the opportunities to mingle still in your counsels and to aid in shaping the policy of the institution. I hoped a year ago to be released from my labors, but yielded to the judgment of others in consenting to fill out my term of service. I find the desire for rest still haunting my mind, and while I do not absolutely decline a re-election, I do not ask it, and shall rejoice if another is chosen to the place. For the courtesy and confidence thus far extended to me, my thanks are herewith paid. J. M. G R E G O R Y . Dr. Gregory laid before the board the plans, specifications, and estimates of the laboratory building and explained same. The business agent made his report, submitting statement of expenditures and receipts for the past six months; also list of warrants Nos. 167 to 345, both inclusive. T h e report was received.

BUSINESS AGENT'S R E P O R T . Hon. Emory Cobh, President Board of Trustees Illinois Industrial University:

S I R : — I have the honor to offer t h e following financial r e p o r t for t h e six m o n t h s ending February, 28th instant. 4 P a p e r ' A ' ' shows the appropriations and expenditures u n d e r the same for t h a t time, also receipts passing through my hands. P a p e r " ' B ' ' is a list of w a r r a n t s drawn since the last quarterly meeting. P a p e r * ' C ' is a communication in regard to gas b u r n e r s . I believe t h e style of b u r n er referred to is m u c h b e t t e r t h a n the one we a r e now using and t h a t an adoption of it to some e x t e n t would be a saving to t h e University. Respectfully submitted, S. W. SHATTUCK, Business Agent.