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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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Oats looked fine during- t h e fore p a r t of t h e season, and u p to harvest, but were injured by heat and wet, so t h a t the yield was only 15 bushels per acre. The crop of hay was large, and secured in fine condition. Rye, potatoes, fruit, &c., were g-ood. The total amount of sales, and credits for other departments, (mostly for work) a m o u n t s to $11,450.48. This does not include any credits for expense of e x p e r i m e n t s . F o r a detailed account of receipts, see p a p e r m a r k e d " A . " The total a m o u n t of expenses for the year, including- salary of hired farmer, and salary of " f o r e m a n of e x p e r i m e n t s , " is $8,805.70. This includes cost of wind mill, and other improvements, for an account of which see p a p e r marked " B . " For a list of improvements, see p a p e r " C . " It is believed that t h e repairs on wagons, harness, & c , (see items of r e p a i r s in expense account) will m a k e all tools in as g-ood order as at the beginning* of t h e year. Aside from repairs shown, the wag-ons have been painted, and two hay frames made and painted, on the farm. This leaves the p u r c h a s e of new tools to g-o to the improvement account. Mr. H u m e , foreman of experiments, was paid $540, of this amount $112.50 was charged to the horticultural department, for services rendered, the balance, $427.50, t o g e t h e r with $161.97 for scales fertilizers, t h e r m o m e t e r s , &c., purchased by Prof. Miles, is reckoned as expenses on account of experiments, making- $589.47. For inventory of salable property, see p a p e r m a r k e d " D . " Three years ag-o a pair of mules were sold for $'U% and a pair of horses (colts) raised on t h e farm, were put in their place, and continued on the inventory to last year, at $300. This year i have left t h e m off and deducted the amount from the last year' s inventory. There was an experiment made on t h e stock farm, u n d e r t h e direction of Prof. Miles, in cattle feeding-. As far as it went (only including- out door and stable feeding- on the same food) it did not vary in result from experiments in the same line before reported. Two acres was sown with winter wheat in March, seed from Michigan. It came up in g-ood shape, but failed to head out, which should have been expected. The land was plowed J u n e 20th, and planted to early corn, and g-ave a fair yield. The four acres of experimental corn was t a k e n to pay for cultivation and gathering-. This statement will show t h e profits of t h e v e a r : Cr. By receipts and credits $11,450 48 ' ' experiments 589 47 •' improvements 1,064 40 4 ' inventory 7,443 80 Dr. $ 6,565 70 1,200 00 540 00 10,083 60 2,157 85 $20,547 15 $20,547 15

To4 expenses 4 head f a r m e r ' s salary •' Mr. H a m e ' s " •' inventory, Dec. 1875 Balance, profits

By t h e fall of prices, from $800 to $1,000 was lost on the inventory of last y e a r . Hay was p u t in last year at $10, this year at $7, m a k i n g a difference of $3 00. Last y e a r cattle were p u t in at 3*4 to 4% cents. There was also a loss on wheat and rye. t t h i n k t h e indications now are t h a t prices will go the other way the coming year. By p u t t i n g prices on p r o p e r t y the same as last year, a profit of about $3,000 would appear, * which is about what the farm should pay. Respectfully submitted, E . L. LAWRENCE, Head F a r m e r .

It was voted to ask the following appropriations from the state: • $3,000 per annum for taxes on lands. $2,500 " " " repairs of buildings. $1,000 " " " apparatus etc. in chemical and physical laboratories. kt $1,500 u " mechanical and architectural shops. 4i $5,000 u " collections for cabinets, books for library, and cases for both. $1,000 " " " for fences and repairs. $5,000 for the horticultural department, moving and enlarging green house, heating apparatus for same, and botanical laboratory.