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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1874
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Illinois Industrial

Incidental expenses Military Department and Gymnasium Chemical Department Library and Cabinet Carpenter shop for Mat. and Inst



200 00 125 00 30o 00 600 00 400 00 $17,615 00

Anticipated Receipts for fiscal year, beginning March 1, 1874. Interest on Sangamon County bonds Champaign County bonds. '' Morgan County bonds '' Illinois State 6 per cent, bonds Chicago Water bonds PikeCounty On account of land interest Kent Fees From Farm Bills receivable Balance on hand March 1,1874 $4, 500 00 11,500 00 2,500 00 1,860 00 1,750 00 3,000 00 $25,110 00 3,000 00 480 00 6,000 00 1,000 00 500 00 $38,133 00

Adjourned to 8:30 A. M.

THIRD DAY'S SESSION. The Board assembled at 8:30 o'clock A. M. Present—Messrs. Blackburn, Brown, Cobb, Gardner, Pickrell, Sabin, and Slade. Absent—Gov. Beveridge, Messrs Byrd, Mason and Reynolds. The minutes of the preceding day were read and adopted. Mr. Gardner was ^given full powers to attend to certain law suits now pending against the University. President Cobb's report was taken up for action on the suggestions contained therein. Mr. Pickrell was authorized, when visiting Gage county, Nebraska, to obtain such information as he might deem useful in relation to the University lands, and to report to the board. Judge Brown offered the following resolution :

WHEREAS we recognize fully the importance of furnishing practical instruction in the Mechanical Shops ,• therefore, Resolved, That a sum not exceeding $500 for the year shall be included in the appropriation for furnishing materia!, etc., necessary to enable the Professor in this department to finish the instruction demanded : Provided, that a reasonable fee may be exacted from the students who avail themselves of this instruction to pay for breakage and wear of tools used by them.

Judge Brown offered the following resolutions, which were adopted :

Resolved, That for the sake of convenience and economy the following changes be made in the management and cultivation of the Horticultural and Experimental farm, to-wit: 1. All the land in said farm not occupied by the orchards, gardens, nurseries and ornamental and tree plantations of the Horticultural Department, together with the teams, wagons and farming implements, shall be placed under the control of the head farmer, who shall reside in the residence belonging to said department. 2. The orchards, gardens nurseries, ornamental and tree plantations, iucluding green house and grounds around old building, shall be under the full control of the Professor of Horticulture, who fchall be authorized at all times to call upon the farmer to perform all team-work that may be needed in the cultivation and management of his department. He shall also have power, with the concurrence of the Regent and Mr. D. Gardner, and within the limits of the appropriations that may be made, to employ such assistance as he may need in the cultivation and care of the trees, shrubs, gardens, etc. The Professor of Horticulture shall a'so be authorized to select such space in the barn as he may need for grafting, and storage of tools, seeds, plants and horticultural products. 3. The farmer is directed to make such preparations as may be necessary, in order to transfer the blooded stock from the Stock Farm to the Experimental Earin—this to be done in time for the fall term of the University. He shall also make preparation and sow grass at the proper season on all the land on said farm, not now appropriated to horticultural and experimental purposes. 4. The services of Mr. Vickroy, as manager of the orchards and gardens, are dispensed with.