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Welcome to the new "Today in the History of the University of Illinois" feature! This is an extremely experimental project to build a database of major events in the University's history, currently totaling more than 500,000. The current database below was compiled using software programs that identified all dates in the pages on this site and in its more than 70,000 pages of digitized historical material. Since all dates were 100% automatically identified, there may be errors, and many date references may refer to routine events. This is a work in progress, please contact University Archives with comments, questions, recommendations, etc. A total of 17 events are recorded for today.

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  • 1844: , May 29, 1844. Attended the district school from school age to the age of 14. 1858-60, studied at home, under brother's instruction. i860, attended Beloit Academy. 1861-5, soldier, U. S. Army. 1866-7, attended Rus... (Booklet - Memorial for Stephen Alfred Forbes (1930 Selections))
  • 1844: ...volumes on Architectural Construc- tion. published. books i Roofs used in n ,Stepben Hlfrefc forbes, fl b- ., Professor of Zoology and Entomology, Dean of the College of Science, was born May 29, 1844, in Stephenson county, Illinois. Obtained his early education in the country schools and at Beloit Academy. Enlisted as private at 17, and served in the field through the civil war. Was made lieutena... (Illio - 1895)
  • 1862: ...cember 16 he introduced it as house bill 138. Without contest it was referred to the committee on public lands, with Potter of Wisconsin as chairman. It slumbered with this committee until May 29,1862, when it was reported with the recommendation that it should not pass. This recommendation, made without stated reasons, was referred to the committee of the whole. On June 5 Mr. Morrill asked leave ... (Book - History of the University (Powell))
  • 1877: May 29. Jjne 5 (Course Catalog - 1875-1876)
  • 1893: May 29, Monday (Course Catalog - 1891-1892)
  • 1894: May 29, Tuesday (Course Catalog - 1892-1893)
  • 1896: May 29 Oberlin 7, Illinois 7 (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1899: May 29, Monday (Course Catalog - 1897-1898)
  • 1900: May 29, Tuesday (Course Catalog - 1898-1899)
  • 1907: May 29 University Memorial D a y ; E. Benjamin Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, delivered address on General Grant. Reception to General Nelson A. Miles (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1908: May 29 Annual " P e a n u t B a n q u e t " a t the College of Agriculture (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1913: May 29 "Iphigenia of T a u r u s " presented by Coburn Players (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1913: May 29-June 5 Semester examinations. Active construction work in progress on Stock Pavilion, Armory, and glass houses and service buildings near forestry. Appropriation made by Legislature of entire proceeds of ... (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1913: May 29 Recital by Mrs. Fannie Bloomfield ' Zeisler, world foremost woman pianist. Reception given faculty and seniors of college of L. A. S. by Dean Babeock in Woman's building. Address on Martial Law before Ord... (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1914: May 29 Legislative Ap propriations Committee favorable to appropriation of proceeds of mill tax to University, about 5,000,000 for biennium. Parade replaced proposed sham battle at Crystal Lake park (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1941: ... Avenue, v wiuiuuxa, ivxioouui i. vviiiio . iv L i u a f Columbia, Missouri. A. Joan Halloran, first semester, 1939-40, and H e n r y John Waltemade, Sis B .S.'35, A.M 38, were married on May 29, 1941, at Boulder, Colorado. Mr. irl i.vxi3. Ari A i t; ; . ouiiMiine r . ,r , n A , rnlorado. Mrc Waltemad d e living a t c,: .-i-. a n v u i i u u i u "Mill v v. vvdiicniduc Berniece K. Harper, B.S 39, w... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 29)
  • 1942: That on May 29, 1942, respondent Lueder wrote the Comptroller of the University and informed him ,5 that salary warrants in favor of petitioners Hodges and Johnson were being held by him "upon the request of the Attorney... (Booklet - UI Charter of Freedom (1942))
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