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Welcome to the new "Today in the History of the University of Illinois" feature! This is an extremely experimental project to build a database of major events in the University's history, currently totaling more than 500,000. The current database below was compiled using software programs that identified all dates in the pages on this site and in its more than 70,000 pages of digitized historical material. Since all dates were 100% automatically identified, there may be errors, and many date references may refer to routine events. This is a work in progress, please contact University Archives with comments, questions, recommendations, etc. A total of 6 events are recorded for today.

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  • 1861: On August 6, 1861, the corner stone of the institute was laid, Bishop Matthew Simson delivering the address on this occasion.45 By the latter part of August, 1861, there were many evidences of distress in the affairs ... (Book - History of the University (Powell))
  • 1940: ...er gcline Est r Public Library, Dayton, Ohio, to be married to J t U h;n al 00 6 k 1 Mrs DiAoure are living at 2010 Malvern Avenue, Dayton Ohio ' ' r'Zb V. Otterness, B.S.'3 was married August 6, 1940, to Frederick - Dietz at her home in Brookings, South Dakota. Their address s Ia v Fnglish Village, Cranford, New Jersey. 4 Berniece E. Palm, B S'39 is now superintendent of Comity Libraries Library ... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 29)
  • 1941: ...ugust 2nd, in Urbana. Mrs. Woltmann will continue in her Position at t h e W i n n e t k a . Illinois. Public Library. Ruth Lillian Whitlock, B.S 38, A.M 41, was married to Eugen son on August 6, 1941. She resigned her position in the An and Mrs. Library at the University of Illinois on September 1, 1941. Mr. Jackson are living in University, Alabama. r u .Frances A. Alderson, B.S 39, resigned her... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 29)
  • 1943: ...SITY CALENDAR FOR 1943-1944 URBANA DEPARTMENTS 1943 SUMMER TERM June 8, Tuesday June 11, Friday... June 11, Friday June 15, Tuesday.. June 14, Monday June 15, Tuesday, 8 A.M July 4, Sunday Aug. 6, Friday Aug. 7, Saturday Sept. 24, Friday Oct. 2, Saturday 1943 .Entrance examinations .Freshman week program Registration of graduates and undergraduates Instruction begins Independence Day no classes Ju... (Booklet - Handbook of Student Housing (1943))
  • 1944: ...chers College, July 24-29, 1944. Mary Silverthorn, M.A.'37, was re-elected secretary of the Ontario, Canada, Library Association for 1944-45. Class of 1929 Hazel I. Beale was married on August 6, 1944, changing her name to Yates. She is continuing her present position as librarian of the Frankfort Community High School, West Frankfort, Illinois. Acting librarian of the University of South Dakota, ... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 35)
  • 1962: Aug. 6, Mon (Student Regulations - Undergraduates - 1961)
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