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Welcome to the new "Today in the History of the University of Illinois" feature! This is an extremely experimental project to build a database of major events in the University's history, currently totaling more than 500,000. The current database below was compiled using software programs that identified all dates in the pages on this site and in its more than 70,000 pages of digitized historical material. Since all dates were 100% automatically identified, there may be errors, and many date references may refer to routine events. This is a work in progress, please contact University Archives with comments, questions, recommendations, etc. A total of 16 events are recorded for today.

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  • 1914: ftn4 4 On May 14, 1914, President Edmund Janes James sent a letter to all faculty inviting them to the dedication of the grave and expounding that "this is not merely an alumni tribute, but a tribute of the University to t... (John Milton Gregory's Grave)
  • 1992: ... While this building was not ultimately realized, the dream was not lost and groundbreaking for its ultimate realization, the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center , was held on May 14, 1992. The new center was designed by Woollen, Molzan and Partners, Inc, with P. K. Demars, Inc. providing the general contracting. ftn2 The Grainger library was dedicated on the 59 th anniversary of the U... (Grainger Engineering Library Information Center)
  • 1992: ...es Proceedings, June 19, 1968 ftnref2 2 Onsite dedication plaque ftnref3 3 The architect was Woollen, Molzan and Parterns, Ltd - from onsite dedication plaque ftnref4 4 Groundbreaking was May 14, 1992 - from onsite dedication plaque ftnref5 5 University of Illinois Archives, Building and Statue Dedication Programs: RS 2 0 808 ftnref6 6 Campus Landmarks Brochure ftnref7 7 University of Illinois Arc... (Grainger Engineering Library Information Center)

Digital Library Matches
  • 1869: ... and dreamy philosophers will no longer give direction to the education of those who create the wealth of the State and furnish the sinews of commerce." ,APPENDIX APPENDIX F Continued 365 May 14, 1869. " The Committee on Faculty and Course of Study meet In Chicago on the 17th. It Is to be hoped that the committee will read the law organizing the University and see if a course of study and term of ... (Book - History of the University (Nevins))
  • 1869: May 14 Maypole dance. Death of Horatio C. Burchard, a member of the first Board of Trustees (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1882: May 14 , Dramatic Club " M a s k and B a u b l e " presented Carton's " L i b e r t y H a l l , " at the Walker Opera House (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1895: MAY 14. Terry reported for standing at attention when the company was at rest. Wills is " sot upon " by Sammy for getting funny in Calculus (Illio - 1896)
  • 1896: May 14 Baseball: Illinois 3, Wisconsin 5 (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1897: May 14, Friday (Course Catalog - 1895-1896)
  • 1897: May 14 Baseball: Chicago 12, Illinois 9. Meet: Chicago 74, Illinois 54 (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1898: May 14, Saturday (Course Catalog - 1896-1897)
  • 1900: ...her 4 gree. Mr. Thompson was graduated from the Department of Commer Manchester assistant Division of the University of Nebraska Library, Lincoln, Nebraska, since September '33, began work May 14, as Junior Library Assistant of the Tennessee Valley Authority Library at Knoxville. The Class of 1932 has just issued a very interesting class letter with :ws items about members of the class. The class ... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 20)
  • 1913: May 14 Election of Illini Publishing Company Trustees (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1914: ...OP I L L I N O I S T O r r i c t May 14, 1914 To Members of the Faculty; On Tuesday, June 16th, the Alumni Association of the University will hold exercises in commemoration of the work and services of 2 r John Milton Gregory, first President of... (Dedication - Gregory Grave Invite)
  • 1936: ...ts, Etta May. Librarian, Public Library. Wheeling, Van Horn, Grace, Victory High School Library, Clarksburg. ,Illinois Library School Association 1 t DINNER and MEETING Richmond, Virginia May 14, 1936 PLA T LB N W E A L T HC U PURPOSE-A reunion and a good time BRING WITH YOU pn u new ideas, new I X ' ... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 22)
  • 1937: ...ours, MARGARET HUTCHINS, President RICHMOND MEETING fhe University of Illinois Library School Association held their annual H r and meeting at the Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia, on May 14, ,Jo si hrt - C L o d 3t n 3 agog w 3 2 C P O p P P T 3 3 P P o- 3 o r - " i CL - 3 T T o 3" 3 n - 1 r N4 ""1 3 0 S P o Si p - OP 3 c r 3 -n O 3 OP A ft C 2 5 i ST rt 3 n P .. V. 3 P P en 3 r 3 en C L oq ... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 23)
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