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Welcome to the new "Today in the History of the University of Illinois" feature! This is an extremely experimental project to build a database of major events in the University's history, currently totaling more than 500,000. The current database below was compiled using software programs that identified all dates in the pages on this site and in its more than 70,000 pages of digitized historical material. Since all dates were 100% automatically identified, there may be errors, and many date references may refer to routine events. This is a work in progress, please contact University Archives with comments, questions, recommendations, etc. A total of 12 events are recorded for today.

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  • 1963: ...be covered with 225 sectional panels to create a regulation basketball court, and a unique theater grid hovers 85 feet above the ground. ftn9 9 With the death of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner sent a letter to the Board of Trustees requesting that the newly-opened building be named in honor of the fallen president because "he brought to the Presidency a love ... (Assembly Hall)

Digital Library Matches
  • 1866: ...are to be denied equitable rights in the dispensation of favors and the West and North to appropriate all " 5 The Danville Commercial came up to the same general level in its issue of November 22,1866. It said: "Inasmuch as everybody else will grab, we are not in favor of standing back on dignity. We shout for Champaign. It is just as good as any other place better than most. Let the entire fund b... (Book - History of the University (Powell))
  • 1890: 1890-1 Nov. 22 Football: Purdue 62, University of Illinois 0. G. Huff played on the Illinois team. Dee. 9 Instructor in Gymnastics appointed. Dec. 3 Architects' Club organized. Command of a company of the battalion take... (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1892: ...H. Reed, G. E. Row, C. A. Risor, A. J. Sayers, D. Sweney, C. H. Trego, W. N. Vance, C. C. Webster, P. M. Williams, G. A. West, J. H. Young, W. Zimmerman. 73 ,Cbemical Club ORGANIZED, NOVEMBER 22, 1892. fficera E. K. NELSON, A. P. SY, ALFRED W H I T E , R. W. STARK, PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT, - SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY AND TREASURER. flDembers Georgia E. Bennett, W. C. Brenke, E. V. Ca... (Illio - 1895)
  • 1892: Nov. 22 Chemistry Club organized. Dee. 13 Board refuses to grant petition asking for Woman's Dormitory (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1907: Nov. 22 Concert of the Illinois Glee and Mandolin Club in Springfield (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1913: November 22 Mask and Bauble presented "The Gentleman from Mississippi" (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1915: November 22 St. Louis Orchestra in first symphony concert of year. Dean Clark in attendance at Interfraternity Conference in New York. At Hatch-Kaufman football banquet Bart Macomber, '17, elected captain of team. De... (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1920: ...ng the procuring of duplicates, apply to Arnold E m c h , Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois. 'University of Illinois Bulletin, Vol. XVIII, No. 12, formally dated Nov. 22, 1920. ,MATHEMATICAL MODELS II SERIES 19. Peano Surface,1 In his Galcolo differentiate e principi di calcolo integrate published in 1884, Peano gave the first rigorous treatment of the theory of m a x i m ... (Mathematical Models by Arnold Emch - Series 2 (1923))
  • 1920: ...ing the procuring of duplicates, apply to Arnold E m c h , Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois. University of Illinois Bulletin, Vol. XVIII, No. 12, formally dated Nov. 22, 1920; and Vol. X X , No. 42, June 18, 1923. jV '3kVn ,MATHEMATICAL III SERIES1 MODELS Intersection of Quadrics A s is well k n o w n t w o quadrics in a general position intersect in a quartic C4 of the f... (Mathematical Models by Arnold Emch - Series 3 (1925))
  • 1944: ... Washington State Library, December 1, 1944.. Helen T. Geer, formerly acting librarian, Science and Technology Division, Queens Borough Public Library, notified the Library School on November 22, 1944, that she had accepted a position as reference assistant at the University of Chicago Library. Her home address is 1209 Astor Street, Chicago 10, Illinois. Mary Frances Gilbert, librarian, Wasco Coun... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 36)
  • 1985: ...research institutes exist elsewhere, none has attempted to bridge the physical and biological sciences on a scale comparable to that in the Beckman Institute. An editorial in Science November 22, 1985 praised the University of Illinois for its fine record in interdisciplinary activities, and noted that "many of the future opportunities in research lie in complex phenomena requiring an interdiscipl... (Dedication - Beckman Institute)
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