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Caption: UI Foundation Series - Bulletin 2 (1936)
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P U B L I S H E D W E E K L Y BY T H E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS QTFPrYNm OJCi.^UJNU P H T T M n A T'TOTtt r U U IN D t \ 1 J L U l N MTTTV/TnTT'P iMUlVli3JlrK " / ^ V o l , X X X I I I , N o . 31 Tuesday, March 31, 1936

V I E W O F T H E C O M M E N C E M E N T E X E R C I S E S I N T H E N E W GYM ON T H E G R A D U A T I O N O F T H E CLASS O F 1935. T H E CLASS, in cap and gown, is seated in front, center and side sections; the president, deans and trustees are on the stage at the south end of the hall; relatives and friends of the graduating class completely fill the remaining seats—a group of approximately 6500.

Commencements W e Have Seen—Now and Then

C O M M E N C E M E N T at the Universtirring declamations. This Gym Anof the graduating class of 1935 with that j sity of Illinois in this fourth decade nex served this same purpose for of 1894 (62 graduates) gathered on the many years until the New Gym was steps of old Uni Hall. of the century is quite a different built in 1925. Naturally the plan of nrrasioti from what it was many years T o the graduate, however, it is still having each senior give an oration the same 'rather solemn occasion on .IJMI. Naturally, as a pageant, it has had been discontinued when the size which he technically severs his connecj'.mvvn in dignity and color, but in its of the classes made such a plan tion with his alma mater and starts out MKiiificance to those for whom it is the impossible. for himself in the big world about him. «ommeuecment of the career of which When we who have passed through it ihc-y have, dreamed, to those who receive Today the long procession from the think it all over, it was quite an occasion (heir degrees from the University and library building headed by the band, and no doubt many were the misgivings with faculty and the graduating class, p.iss out of its storied halls it is, as it in our hearts as to whether we had the numbering two thousand or more in cap always has been, an event of major imstuff it takes to get along and whether and gown, makes a colorful spectacle portance in their lives. the world itself would be kind. Most of and with the parents and guests who are In early days when the University was us probably have a quarrel with the present tests the seating capacity of the \«»im^ and University Hall was the only cartoonist or head-line artist who gives Gymnasium of sixty-five hundred. T o Mp.nifiraiit building on the campus, the by pen or picture that arrogant, know-itvisualize the difference, contrast the size ^•laduating exercises were held in the all demeanor to the <.l«l chapel and every college graduate. If .riitur must write and truth be known, they d e l i v e r an o r a t i o n are all a bit weak in I «• r t h e o c c a s i o n. the knees and have History will show that funny feelings over the when "the Drill Hall, prospect of wrestling now ihe Gym Annex, the big world at catchwas completed in 1890 as-catch-can for even a ihe commencement exsmall fraction of the • •icises were, shifted to gate receipt. Let us iIns new location and hope the task of the weir made the. occasion g r a d u a t e s o f 1936 I or llie dedication of will not be so strenui lie building. Jupiter ous as those of the I'luvius was a very past few years. Let unwelcome guest on us hope that their exibis occasion and properience proves a col< reded to furnish on lege education has given I In- liu roof an overthem a well - ordered brad accompaniment to brain capable of susthe senior orations so tained and logical thinkvociferous as to drown ing along any lines, out completely the eloeven in fields for which i|iiencc of the seniors they may not have been as they stormed back specifically prepared^ and forth across the and that each can take p l a t f o r m , the w e l l his place in his own CLASS O F 1894, N U M B E R I N G S I X T Y - T W O , G A T H E R E D ON T H E S T E P S timed gestures and the community and contribof University Hall. Obviously, this was a period when the derby hat was extremely movement of the lips ute largely to its wellpopular among the men. The ladies will get a smile out of the style of dress shown hnuK the only evidence by the small group of women graduates in the center. Several very well-known being. to |lie audience of the graduates may be distinguished in this group. Pick yourself out '94.