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Caption: UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 19
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E X E C U T I V E B O A R D 1933-34 President, Bertha M Schneider, University of Ohio Library. First Vice-President, Mabel M. Conat, Detroit Public Library. Second Vice-President, Myron M. Getchell, Dewey Decimal Clastic 8,nca office, Washington, D.C **i Secretary-Treasurer, Josie B. Houchcns, University of Illinois Library Member Ex-officio, Jerome K.f Wilcox, John Crerar Library. Trustees of Endowment Fund:' J. S. Clcavinger, 1932-35; Margaret HutrW mc 1933-36; Anna May Price, 1931-34. ^ ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING A N D REUNION

T h e annual meeting of the Association was held in Chicago, Octet*18, at the International House, University of Chicago. The dinner ws a attended by 224 former students of the School and was the largest gathering the Association has ever held. T h e dinner was in charge oi Adele Whitney, Dorothy Martin, and Mary Lou Nichols of the University of Chicago Libraries and was most successfully managed. After the dinner Jerome K. Wilcox, the President, talked for a fw e minutes on the aims and hopes of the Association and then called tor a roll by classes. The report of the Secretary-Treasurer was read a d n accepted. Ethel Bond then told of the Adah Patton Memorial fund. The Nominating Committee composed of Miss Simpson, H. Einae Mose, and Anita Hostetter then presented their report which was unanimously accepted, electing Bertha M. Schneider, President, This concluded the formal business meeting. The president then called on Mr. Windsor, who spoke of the unusual conditions which had faced the University of Illinois and the effort which had been made to adjust its reduced income so as to cause the least unemployment and injury to its work. l i e said he believed in senexamination and would welcome the scrutiny of the Library School b) University authorities feeling confident that the existence of the School was amply justified by the fine professional standing of the alumni, and by the loyalty of its former students whicli has been evidenced in man) ways, and more recently by the fact that they have raised an endowment fund for an annual scholarship. The aim of the faculty has always been to keep the course alive and in line with new trends, and *'ie curriculum t0 of the first year has been worked out from two points of view, first prepare for beginning work in libraries and second to give sufficient foundation of professional knowledge and professional attitude to J**" pare a student for continued progress in the profession either throng active work or by continued formal study. Miss Simpson was called on amid much applause and amused ever} one by saying that although she had no formal duties at present, sW was so busy catching up with all the things she had always wanted K > do, but never had the time for, that now she had time for nothing else and was busier than she had ever been. Miss Ahern expressed her pleasure at being one of the Illinois Alumni and said that she had great 1 pride in the fine strong body of alumni which had grown out of the spin of the School. Mr. Utley, the only honorary member of the Association. spoke with appreciation of his long acquaintance with the School and of his pleasure at having a number of its alumni on his staff, Mr. )• Christian Bay, Librarian of John Crerar, and a £iicst of the Association talked a few minutes on the pleasure he felt in looking back on his library experience and recalling the Illinois graduates he had known in the Library of Congress and in John Crerar. He urged the recent gradu-