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Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1878
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ULMUS, Elm. fulva, Slippery/ Elm, Red Elm, native, L a p h a m I s native in n u m e r o u s counties, a c cording t o t h e geological reports, a n d probably t h r o u g h o u t t h e s t a t e . Champaign county. k montana, Wych or Scotch Elm. P l a n t e d for o r n a m e n t from E u r o p e . Does n o t produce suckers, says B r y a n t . campestris, or glabra, English Elm. Cultivated for o r n a m e n t from E u r o p e . " O n e of t h e most pestilent producers of suckers k n o w n . " — B r y a n t . americana, American or White, Elm, native, probably, t h r o u g h o u t t h e s t a t e . V e r y easily propagated, and very handsome as an ornamental t r e e . A rapid grower b u t of small value for timber. Prof. Swallow measured a t r e e of this species. I believe, in Pemiscot county, Missouri, 100 feet high, a n d 22 feet in circumference. racemosa, CorKy, White Elm, native, Vasey. " F o u n d only in t h e north, a n d t h e r e sparsely. Greatly resembles t h e whito elm.' * —Bryant. alata. WhahoOi or* Winged Elm, n a t i v e ; Vasey, Wabash c o u n t y ; Bidgeway, Union county. " N i n e t y feet high a n d seven feet in circumference, in Dankliri county, Missouri.'' —Swallow. CELTIS, Haekberry or Nettle Tree,. . Occidentalis, American Hackbervy. Sugarberry, native, Lapham. Champaign county, V a s e y ' s m a p gives this as one of t h e t r e e s growing t h r o u g h o u t t h e s t a t e . Prof. Swallow measured a specimen in Howard county, Missouri, 124 feet high and l i feet in circumference. Only cultivated for o r n a m e n t , var crassifolia, native, Lapham, mississippionsis, native; Vasey, in e x t r e m e south; W a b a s h county, Bidgeway. FICUS, Fig. eariea, Common Fig. This plant is almost cultivable in t h e open air in t h e e x t r e m e south; certainly so with a moderate protection in winter. F r o m t h e L e v a n t , elastica, India Rubber .Hree, cultivated for o r n a m e n t in conservatories, repens, conservatory creeper from China. Many others in conservatories. MOBTJS, Mulberry. r u b r a , native,-Lapham. Found, according t o geological reports, in Madison, H a n cock, Johnson, Massac, Pope, J a c k s o n a n d Fulton counties. Champaign county. Mr. Bidgeway describes one n e a r Mt. Carmel as 60 feet high, with 20 feet of t r u n k and t e n feet in circumference. Valuable and durable timber, nigra-, Blaeh Mulberry. Cultivated from t h e Levant. Not hardy, alba, White Mulberry, adventive from Europe, L a p h a m . Silkworm Mulberry. Champaign county. BROUSSONETTA, Paper Mulberry. papyrifera, cultivated as a shade tree from J a p a n . T e n d e r n o r t h . MACLURA, Osage Orange. aurantiaca, Osage Orange, Bois (V arc, Bow; Wood, cultivated, from Texas for hedges, and o r n a m e n t ; a n d latterly for timber, as it is v e r y durable, a n d shrinks a n d cracks little in seasoning. Somewhat t e n d e r n o r t h . Not native, b u t Prof. Swallow RP.VS he saw this tree, in a p p e a r a n c e indigenous, in t h e valley of Spring Biver, Newton county, Missouri, which is hardly south of Cairo. TJRTICA, Nettle. gracilis, native, Lapham. dioica, L . , Hancock county, Mead; Fulton, Wolf; Wabash, Schneck. LAPOBTEA, Wood Nettle. canadensis, native, Lapham. PILEA, Rkhweed Clearweecl. pumila, native, L a p h a m . Champaign county. BCEHMEBIA, False Nettle. cylindrica, native, Lapham. P ABIET ART A, Pellitory. pennsylvaniea, Muhl., American Pellitory, common. nivse," ramie or grass cloth plant of China. Is u n d e r cultivation as a textile plant i n t h e gulf s t a t e s . CANNABIS, Hemp, a n n u a l . sativa, Common Hemp. Cultivated from Europe a s a fibre plant, a n d adventive. Lapham. "I . Production. Year. United States. Illinois. 1850.. I860., 1870.. Hemp, t o n s . Hemp, t o n s . Hemp, tons. 34,871 74,493 12,476 None given. 1,502 174

Hamilton, Douglas a n d P o p e counties produced nearly all t h e scanty p r o d u c t of 1870. HUMULXJS, Hop, perennial. lupulus, Common Hop, native, Lapham. Cultivated.