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Repository: UIHistories Project: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1874 [PAGE 14]

Caption: Board of Trustees Minutes - 1874
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Course. Post Office Address. Lincoln Jonesboro, Ind Belvidere Princeton Mahomet Eossville Mattoon Ladoga, Ind Springfield Champaign Brush Valley, Pa Clinton . Orion Waterloo, Iowa Janesville, Wis Lincoln Mt. Carroll Chicago Kan ton 1 Mt; ehauicsburg Mecbanicsburg Belmond, Iowa Champaign Flora ..:. Rock ford Champaign Mt. Vernon. Cobden .....' Sidney Rockibrd, Mich Ringwood Nora Pittsfield Rockibi d Granvil 1 e Urbana Dwight Fithian Champaign Compromise Champaign LaGraime, Ind Elmwood Dwight Hillsboro Champaign Bradford' Creston Hadley Seymour Paxton Sidney Champaign Urbana .'!' Urbana Mahomet Mt. Vernon, Ind Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Urbana Bmnneishiirg, 0 . Blue Mound 1 . Champaign. London, England.. EUih.. Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign Pella, Iowa Champaign Barristown Champaign Marengo Marengo Champaign . . . . . County. Logan. Boone Bureau . Champaign. Vermilion. Coles. SangamonChampaign. DeWitt. Henry. Logan. Carroll. Cook. Champaign Sangamon. Sangamon. Champaign. Clay. Winnebago. Champaign. Jefferson. Union. Champaign. McHenry. JoDa views. Pike. Winnebago. Putnam. Champaign. Livingston Vermilion. Champaign. Champaign. Champaign. Peoria. Livingston Montgomery. Champaign. Stark. Ogle. Will. j Champaign I Ford. Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign Hancock Hancock Hancock Champaign. Macon. Champaign Jersey. Champaign. Champaign. Champaign. Champaign. Champaign. Macon. Champaign. McHenry. McHenry. Champaign.

Morris, John Calvin Calhoun Morrow, A T Morse, J H Mosely, Roland E<1 ward Nebeker, Corie Aqjiilla Ness, Joseph Noble, Louis Reed or Oliver, William Forrest Ormsby, William L Page, Calvin Sam uel Paige, James Albert Palmer, Frank Mitchell Parks, James Harvey Parsons, Fernando Alston Patch, Emory Edward Paton, John Patterson, W. Fremont Payson, Edward Phillips, Richard Pickrell, "Watson : Pickrell, William Pierce, Elon A Pierce, John L Pierce, W. R Pierpont, Watson Taylor.. Plaine, Thomas Henry Pollock, William ClarencePoole, Franklin Rand Porter field, Emet Prescott, William Henry Prickett, Charles Mortimer Puckett, Ralph W. E Quinby, Edward Vincent Reed, Frank Mortimei Reinhardt, Adolph Reynolds, Henry Sheldon Rhodes, James Frederick Rice, George Clark Robarts; Heber Robertson, Henry Wright Robinson, Elna A Iphoriso Roop, Christian Y, Russell, Sullivan J Rutan, Abram Rharson Schardon, Louis F Scovell, Melvill Amasa Scribner, Artemas Coffin Scudder, Clarence O Searles, Frank Wesley Seymour, John James Shaw, Franklin Davis Shawhan, George Robert Sheffield, Willis E Sheldon, Clarence F Simin, Coler Lindley Sizer, Daniel A ". Smith, Charles A Spe#oe, Franklin Spence, John I Spence, William Wright Sperry, Jasper Newton Spitler, Jonas Beaver Sprague, Martin Staley, Calvin C Stanton, Samuel Cecil Starr, Frank A. E Stay man, John Mather Stephens, J. L Stewart, Charles Evans Stewart, Robert E Stoddard, Ira J Storey, George Stookey, Daniel Wesley Stripp, R. G Stnll, Louis Stull, William Sutton, John Thompson

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