University of Illinois: Virtual Campus Tour
A UIHistories Project by Kalev Leetaru   

Campus Trivia

Below you will find a collection of campus trivia questions. Some are pretty easy, while some may stump even the budding campus historian.

  1. What three campus buildings are connected via a pedestrian tunnel?
  2. What is the oldest campus building still standing?
  3. Which campus building was used in early special forces training?
  4. How many buildings have been named "Bevier Hall" and what are their current names?
  5. The inauguration of which campus building caused the University to formally adopt orange and blue as its campus colors?
  6. What was the University's original name?
  7. What pivotal campus figure is buried on campus and where?
  8. What was the name of the University's first building and what was its intended purpose when it was first constructed?
  9. Which Main Quad building used to have a swimming pool?
  10. What was the first major campus building to be commissioned by the University itself?
  11. Which First Lady helped to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of a campus building and which building was it?
  12. What campus building was the first to be funded by private donations?
  13. When were women first admitted to the University?
  14. What was "Project 500"?
  15. What was the University's "Charter of Freedom"?
  16. What was the University's original motto?
  17. When did the University first begin to confer degrees?