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Phantasm Photographic Presevation Project: A Photographic Record of the University of Illinois

Phantasm Project: Welcome

Welcome to the Phantasm Photographic Preservation Project (Formerly known as UIPhotos), part of the UIHistories Project! The Phantasm site is an ongoing research project to create a photographic record of the evolution of the University of Illinois through time, exploring a new take on the traditional notion of historical documentation. Rather than documenting a space through words, it uses exhaustive photography to capture a constant stream of images showcasing the evolution of the University of Illinois.

Capturing the University continuously since 2004, the site contains more than 80,000 images of every building and space through the four seasons, visually archiving the myriad changes of the University over this time and preserving a "photographic time capsule" of the institution as it moves forward. The site's primary focus is as a new form of historical photodocumentary record, but most photographs are available for University use and by students and alumni, subject to the restrictions listed within. Some images are for news editorial purposes only as documentary record. For a list of official public affairs images, please see the University's Photo Resources list.     About     Printing Info


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