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Printing: Phantasm Photographic Presevation Project: A Photographic Record of the University of Illinois

UPhantasm: Printing


Printing Images

The historical documentary photographs on the Phantasm Photographic Presevation Project website are all high-quality professional images that can be printed in a variety of formats. Images have appeared on book and magazine covers, brochures, promotional materials, calendars, cards, framed art, DVD covers, and even full-sized wall hangings.

Brochures / Promotional Material
Phantasm imagery has been used in thousands of University brochures, pamphlets, view books, and annual reports ranging from interior images to full-page covers.

Books / Magazines
Phantasm imagery has been used in professionally published books, both on covers and full-page interior imagery and numerous magazines and magazine covers, including the cover of the University of Illinois' own Alumni Magazine.

Framed Photographs
Many departments have used Phantasm imagery in the past to produce framed 4x6 or 8x10 prints as gifts for donors, alumni, students, and staff. Most big box stores offer high-quality photo printing at 10 to 30 cents a print, and frames will usually run less than $10.

Calendars and Cards
Check out the Phantasm Printable Wall Calendars for an example of what's possible using Phantasm imagery. These were created using the Microsoft Word Calendar Wizard, but other publishing packages have been used in the past by departments to create calendars as gifts. Many printing stores also offer a variety of special printing options cards, and numerous departments have created special holiday and thank-you card gifts featuring Phantasm imagery.

DVDs and Multimedia Products
Phantasm imagery has been used in a large number of multimedia products, including DVD covers and disc cover images.

Posters / Wall Hangings
Phantasm images make excellent wall hangings in public spaces and offices. One of the buildings in the Research Park had a run of images printed at poster size to line the ground floor hallways of their building, while a department had framed large-format prints made as gifts for award winners. Several options are available for printing Phantasm images at poster size or larger:
  • Professional Printing. For the highest quality prints, Glycee prints can be made onto watercolor paper by any professional printing company, though the cost can run several hundred dollars.
  • Framed Art Under $50. Most "big box" stores now offer professional-quality poster printing using UV stablized inks onto photographic paper. A 20x30 print will usually run around $20 and take less than an hour. These stores also usually sell cheap wood-toned poster frames that from a distance of a foot or two look highly realistic, but also cost only around $20. Together, for less than $50 you can have an extraordinary framed piece of art for your office, home, or hallway.

If you have any questions, please contact Kalev Leetaru for more information.