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The text and graphics within these pages were all extracted from the TAM Report No. 712, Arthur Newell Talbot: Proceedings of a conference to honor TAM's first department head and his family, April 1994. Every effort has been made to keep the information on these pages identical to what can be found in that report, with the exception of some extra-large graphics which would not fit in the browser window.

Most of these pages have large photographs or graphics, scanned in from the original report at full size. If you are viewing them over a modem, you may wish to have your browser delay image loading. Alternate text has been provided for each of the photographs, and captions for all illustrations have been preserved.

To keep these pages easily readable, I have made extensive use of special Netscape features to align the graphics. These pages are most easily readable if you use Netscape 1.1 or higher. Also, you should set your browser window to be at least as wide as this line graphic:

Again, this is because many of the graphics are quite large and a narrow window may crowd the text or block out the graphics alltogether.

While I have done my utmost to edit this site carefully, certain text errors or conversion problems occasionally slip in. If you notice any such errors, please send a message to the webmaster so it can be corrected.

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