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Image 54958 (UIOPEN HOUSE 2005, BECKMAN OPEN HOUSE 2005)



The UIHistories Archives is an ongoing research project at the University of Illinois to produce a historical photographic record of the institution through time. Images containing recognizable persons or events are included for historical documentary purposes and may not be used for any purpose other than a preapproved news editorial application. For official public affairs images, please see the University's Photo Resources list.



Image Details

ImageID: 54958
Collection: UIUC
Date: 03/11/2005
Photographer: Kalev Leetaru
SetID 360
Height: 2000
Width: 3008
Number Views: 186
Number Downloads: 1


Downloading Restrictions

This image has special restrictions on its use:

This image may contain recognizable persons and is archived for historical documentary purposes. Available for pre-approved editorial use only.

Please contact Kalev Leetaru for information on using this image.


Image Downloads

The list below shows publications and presentations this image has been downloaded for. This image has been downloaded 0 time(s) for personal use, 0 time(s) for publication use, and 1 time(s) for presentation use.