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Welcome to the new "Today in the History of the University of Illinois" feature! This is an extremely experimental project to build a database of major events in the University's history, currently totaling more than 500,000. The current database below was compiled using software programs that identified all dates in the pages on this site and in its more than 70,000 pages of digitized historical material. Since all dates were 100% automatically identified, there may be errors, and many date references may refer to routine events. This is a work in progress, please contact University Archives with comments, questions, recommendations, etc. A total of 13 events are recorded for today.

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  • 1853: On February 23, 1853, just after making the contract with Rutherford, Turner wrote Murray on the-subject of finances as follows: "You mentioned that I could draw on the funds of the Chicago Convention for a certain amoun... (Book - History of the University (Powell))
  • 1908: Feb. 23 The Mini Club .was organized in Chicago with 290 members (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1910: February 23 Military Ball in the Armory (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1912: February 23 Opening of exhibit of paintings of Philadelphia Water Color Club in Auditorium (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1914: February 23 Eeeent War Poetrj read by Professor Frank W. Scott as one of programs presented by English depart ment (Book - Early History of University (1916))
  • 1917: ...nnually to this work a total of about 26,000. Also the University is spending each year between 20,000 and 30,000 in the work of agricultural extension. The Smith-Hughes Act approved February 23, 1917, provides for the promotion of vocational education and the preparation of teachers of vocational subjects. By this act the Federal Government appropriated for the year ending June 30, 1918, the sum ... (Book - 16 Years (Edmund James))
  • 1918: ... i a l 1. The p r o g r a m of the B r i t i s h labor p a r t y as to wages and representation 2. The War alms memorandum of the Inter-Allied Labor and Socialist Conference, London, February 23, 1918, as to wages and participation in management The Program of the American Federation of Labor 3. a as to free transportation b as to employment c as to representation 4. 5. The English program as outl... (War Publications - WWI Compilation 1923 - Article 47)
  • 1918: ... to p r i v a t e property 1. 2. 3. As to ownership As to operation T h e i r reasons for their program D. The plans of the Inter-Allied Labor and Socialist Conference held in London February 23, 1918 E. Bolshevism in theory and practise 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The principles of Bolshevism The Bolshevist organization Their method of procedure The Bolshevist propaganda The results of Bolshevism a on the dis... (War Publications - WWI Compilation 1923 - Article 47)
  • 1926: ... at Northwestern J a n . 17 Indiana at Northwestern J a n . 22 Northwestern at Wisconsin Feb. 12 Northwestern at Minnesota Feb. 16 Northwestern at Illinois Feb. 19 Northwestern at Chicago Feb. 23 Northwestern at Purdue Feb. 26 Minnesota at Northwestern Mar. 5 Northwestern at Indiana Mar. 7 Purdue at Northwestern OHIO STATE J a n . 8 Ohio State at Purdue J a n . 10 Ohio State at Wisconsin J a n . 1... (Book - Overview of University of Illinois for Chicago Alumni (1926))
  • 1926: ...hio State a t Purdue J a n . 10 Iowa at Purdue J a n . 15 -Minnesota at Purdue J a n . 21 Purdue at Chicago Feb. 12 Purdue at Ohio State Feb. 15 Michigan at Purdue Feb. 19 Purdue a t Iowa Feb. 23 Northwestern at Purdue Feb. 28 Purdue at Michigan Mar. 5 Purdue at Minnesota Mar. 7 Purdue at Northwestern Mar. 12 Chicago at Purdue WISCONSIN J a n . 8 Indiana at Wisconsin J a n . 10 Ohio State at Wisco... (Book - Overview of University of Illinois for Chicago Alumni (1926))
  • 1941: ...live at 304 S. Union Str S ft' tUr Albin H. Youngquist, B.S 39, writes that his a d d . ' ' Miriam Zales Kramer, B.S.'39, and her husband a p rtnt daughter, Nancy Ruth, who arrived on February 23 QM i - o f at em zona, w l u r r Mr. Kramer was librarian at Arizona S t t T , P e e chers Tins fall Mr. Kramer has been doing research for tht H fColl gto T h d r address is 816 Valley View Road, South P... (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 29)
  • 1944: ...as A. recorded on April 30, 1047, was 20, IVI In each case, the home address is Illinois, unless another state is given. ,I V jt U Stai nOinl FOLGER ADAM, JR. '43 Joliet Makin Island, February 23,1944 FRANCIS W. ADAMS '38 Blytheville, Arkansas Germany, November 5, 1944 ROBERT GEORGE ADAMS '46 Chicago Germany, January 25, 1045 JOHN HENRY ALBRECHT '43 Ohio, Illinois Plane crash, Corpus Christie, Tex... (Book - Gold Star Illini (UIUC War Veterans))
  • 1944: M 42, died February 23, 1944 after a long illness. Mrs. Nelson is assistant in the Education Library at the University of Illinois (UI Library School Alumni Newsletter - 34)
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